Nov 23

Day before Thanksgiving

By charles kirkland | Contextual Advertising

As a kid I loved the holidays.

I grew up with a very big family and nobody would dare miss Thanksgiving and Christmas at my grandmother’s house.

My grandmother would cook for days getting ready for it, and I would sample everything that came out of the oven. The house would be filled with so many wonderful aromas it was overwhelming.

Fresh baked bread, stuffing, fried chicken, fish, oven roasted turkey, sweet potato casserole...I’m getting hungry now just thinking about it.

She would create a buffet fit for a king and it lasted from lunch until dinner. Then she would pack up leftovers and send them home with the everybody.

Each year I asked my grandmother what she wanted for Christmas, and she always gave me the same answer.

Health for her and the family

Good times with her family and friends making new memories

To be above ground just one more year

Peace of mind to know what the future would hold

None of those things could be bought with money, and as a kid I couldn't understand why she didn’t want more physical things.

I certainly did.

I would create a wishlist a mile long.

But as I have matured I still reflect on her wisdom and appreciate it more and more.

As for health, skip my advice. I’m waiting on results from my blood test last week.

My advice for good times is to know that any day could be your last. Make the most of every second. Overlook the little things and tell someone you love them today. I guarantee it will make somebody's day.

Every day above ground is a good day. And when I’m not, it's still going to be a great day. You have to live every day with happiness, joy and a passion for life. Be truly thankful for what you have.

It's never about what you own, it's about the love you give and receive in return that counts.

As far as peace of mind, I can help you in that department. Let’s face it. The world of online marketing and paid media changes so fast it's crazy.

That's why I want to invite you to become a member of the MBA where you can keep up with all the changes.

In fact, you’ll often be ahead of the curve so you can position yourself to take advantage of changes while everybody else is running in circles screaming the sky is falling.

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Nov 21

Karl Sakas and Charles Kirkland talk about how to scale your digital marketing agency

By charles kirkland | Marketing

Will your agency grow at least 30% this year?

Karl Sakas and Charles Kirkland talk about how to scale your digital marketing agency.

Do you ever wonder how some people can grow their marketing agency year after year while other people with more talent struggle to get their agency off the ground?

On today's podcast I’m interviewing the legend of agency growth himself, Karl Sakas.

Nov 17

Fake News Site

By charles kirkland | Traffic

Google and Facebook are trying to kill fake news sites. But the problem is they created the opportunity for easy money with cheap clicks and ads. This is my take on it. We have seen it before.

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Sep 28

He had a bad day at the beach

By charles kirkland | Marketing

He had a bad day at the beach

Recently I was having breakfast at a local restaurant on the Isle of Palms.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning.

Right after I ordered, a couple with 2 teenage girls were seated next to my table.

Upon sitting down the man seemed really agitated and cranky.

I was thinking to myself that he must have one massive hangover or is going through some dependence withdrawal.

When the waitress walked up and handed out menus he quickly blurted out that he was “short on time and she better not make him wait if she wanted a decent tip.”

Side note: Never make your waiter or waitress mad.

His wife snapped at him and apologized to the waitress for the incident.

As soon as the waitress wrote down the order “Jim” started demanding the bill.

I was thinking that this must be one of those mystery shoppers where the customer is deliberately giving the waitress a hard time and it’s being videoed or something.


Apparently Jim was working hard on practicing to be the Grinch for some community play.

It’s hard to start a day with your family overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, smelling the salt breeze and be in a sour mood like Jim was.

During the entire meal his daughters stared at their plates almost afraid to look at their dad while his wife tried to make small talk with them.

You would have thought Jim hadn’t eaten in a week the way he inhaled his breakfast in record time.

Once he finished breakfast this gave him even more time to complain about everything from the other tourists, food, service, heat, and even how bright the sun was.

You name it and Jim complained about it.

Before his wife could get the last bite of her eggs Jim was standing telling his family he only had 2 more days at the beach and they had a lot left to get done.

The way I look at it Jim was rushing to consume everything without enjoying it.

Unfortunately, Jim reminds me of most marketers.

They buy a course and before they are half way through it, they are already looking to buy the next thing.

It’s a repeating cycle that doesn’t stop.

I don’t need to tell you that you won’t become successful by buying course after course.

Instead, you must take action and only buy courses that fill in your knowledge gaps.

If you want to learn proven strategies to drive customers directly to you, then check out the Media Buyer Association.

Sep 16

Starting Over, What Would I Do?

By charles kirkland | Webinar

Starting over, what would I do?

Every day I get emails asking me what would I do if I had to start over from scratch and needed to create income in 30 days.

No list, no connections, no money in the bank...I only have my knowledge.

I don’t have to imagine because since I started in 1999 with my online marketing business I have had to start over a few times.

It's never fun, but I have always been open about my failures. It’s part of life.

You grow more in the tough times than you ever grow in the good times.

My answer is going to surprise you.

I would not start over in affiliate marketing in any way, shape, or form.

Affiliates take all the risk, and it’s hard to create dependable cash flow overnight.

When you have bills to pay and don’t have cash to spare, you can’t take chances.

The days of the Google cash machine are long gone.

Plus, how are you going to get traffic fast enough without any money?

Let's move on to creating products.

Now let's talk about the elephant in the room.

If you don’t have an email list, how are you going to get traffic?

Remember you can’t pay for traffic, and you have zero JV connections.

Nobody knows your name.

If you are thinking that all you have to do is get JVs, you are dreaming.

JV’s play the let's-scratch-each-others-back game.

They really have no incentive to help you because you don’t have a list.

If you don’t have an email list, it takes longer to get traction with product creation.

And unless you have some must-have, crazy software it can be a waste of time.

Now that we have ruled out affiliate marketing and product creation, what's left?

I’m about to say the 1 thing that freaks people out.

Start trading time for money.

Yes, you heard me right.

I would offer my services in exchange for money as a freelancer or consultant.

Because with no list, zero connections, no money in the bank, and only my knowledge, that is the fastest way to create income.

Consulting is what I would do until I had the cash flow to give me some breathing room.

After that I would start building my list and creating products and use that income to offset my consulting income.

I would dial back my client work and start replacing it with creating more product sales.

Once I started building my list with buyers, I would recommend some affiliate products that I believe in and use myself.

I know most people would pull some BS story out from thin air where everything works 100% of the time, but real life doesn’t work that way.


When the real world is staring you down you don’t have time for fairy tales and BS.

You have to take real action to pay your bills.

I would suggest starting a freelancing or consulting business to pay your bills.

Only after that's going would I focus on creating products, list building and affiliate marketing.

That's what I have done in the past, and it's worked for me every time.

Focus on creating positive cash flow first with a freelancing or consulting business.

Not having the stress of a having a mountain of bills will allow you to create better products in the end.

If you want to discover the 5 pillars of a successful freelancing or consulting business, watch this video today.


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