Mar 27

Why Aren’t You Targeting iPods For Your Media Buys

By charles kirkland | blog , Mobile Traffic

Hey, this is Charles Kirkland, co-founder of the Media Buyer Association. We’ve got an exciting video today. We’re going to be talking about all things iOS. Now, you’re probably familiar with it if you’ve had any success or failure with mobile ads, that iPads are more akin to laptops. I mean typically, you don’t walk around with this, walking down the street. You’ll get run over or, don’t know, you fall off a curb.

IPhone is simply used in a split second decision. Let me check the subway. Oh! Here’s an ad. Let me click an ad, whatever the case may be. You’re probably familiar with that. Today we’re really going to be focusing on the unsung hero of this entire scenario – the iPod.

Now you say, But Charles, IPods are used by pre-teens, and kids who are in their early teens and they probably have no value for me in my business. Well, okay. That’s fine. That’s a safe assumption.

Let’s think about this. When you go jogging in the morning, do you put your iPhone with your Ottercase, or whatever type of case – do you slap it on the side of your arm and go jogging; put it in your jogging shorts; your sweatpants, while you’re working out. Or are you- a lot of adults are using iPods. You don’t believe me? Go to any gym in the morning and just sit around, and say, Hey, can I just see what people are using when they work out. And you’ll find a huge number of people working out in gyms using iPods, not iPhones.

It’s a huge opportunity to reach an affluent market. You’re reaching people who are: a.) Health conscious – who have, typically, extra money to- from the standpoint of join a gym. They have money to spend on athletic wear, things of that nature. In the afternoons, yes, we do find that the conversions for the iPods are dropping off because now we’ve got more preteens and young adults using those. But in the early morning hours do some day [unclear – 01:44] you’ll find out that you have a lot of affluent adults working out with iPods.

Anyway, this is Charles Kirkland. Hope you enjoyed it. By the way, if you’re not a member of the Media Buyers Association click the link below. Grab your free associate membership, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Mar 27

Are You Using Retargeting Wrong

By charles kirkland | blog , Retargeting

Hey, this is Charles Kirkland co-founder of the Media Buyer Association. Today we’re going to be talking about retargeting; and how some people are getting retargeting, while other people are getting in completely wrong.

So, let’s go ahead and start. First of all, quite a few people just target- they use these shotgun blasts. It’s like, well, you know, you visited my homepage – even though you were on it for like all of two and a half seconds, page couldn’t even load. You’re exiting. You’re leaving. You’re like man. This isn’t for me.

Targeting the home page is a very shotgun approach. Is it a bad approach? If you can get a positive ROI for it, go for it. But when you’re setting up your retargeting, look at things hat really count as a conversion. Or how things are so close to converting, you could just push them onto the edge.

Now let’s start with retargeting of our checkout page. Now, for most people, they want to include everything together with the same campaign. You know it’s like the prospect who hit your home page for two seconds is not as qualified as prospect who went to your home page, your landing page, read your sales page and is on your checkout page. But, for all I know, the UPS guy showed up, dogs are barking, kids are screaming, they did not finish their checkout.

Start retargeting people who did not reach the checkout page. I mean it’s very simple, very easy. And for this group of people, you could pay exponentially more, because they were on the verge of making a purchase. I mean they’re like, ready. Their credit card is out. The UPS guy’s blowing the horn. Next thing you know, kids hop on the computer. So, keep that in mind. You could pay exponentially more for his type of retargeting.

The retargeting that visited your landing page. Guess what? They’re not as qualified as people that visited your checkout page. Certainly more qualified than the people that visited your home page. You can definitely pay a higher amount per click then your home page, not as high as your checkout page.

But one thing to keep in mind, what is the physical mindset? Let’s just think about this. I’m on the checkout page. Something interrupted me. Maybe it’s like, my gosh! You owe $4.95 for shipping and handling. That’s ridiculous. I’d rather have free shipping. Maybe it simply takes a banner offering free shipping to get the buyer to back to make the purchase.

Landing page – they left without purchasing. So now we need to- okay what do we need to do? What do we have to have in these banners? Could these banners overcome the most common objections they see, bringing them back to the landing page or checkout page, to make that completion; or bring them back to the landing page, with the checkout right there on the landing page. That’s one less click your prospect has to do when they land on that page. And shortens the buying cycle. So definitely, keep that in mind.

And you say, but Charles, all the traffic is hitting the home page. Traffic is one of those vanity measures that we look at and go well I’ve got traffic. It’s great. I got 50,000 people visiting my home page. Okay. What is your ROI from that? You know, you can still create a positive ROI but you have to understand you just can’t go target all these people the same way at the same price you can target these people. So definitely, keep that in mind.

They visited the home page – they don’t even know the products you have. You may need to educate them, or like I said, get them to opt in, get them on some sort of lead nurturing sequence, and move them down the entire funnel.

Anyway, this is Charles. Hope you enjoyed it. Remember start targeting the check out page. Pay more for that. Landing page – you know, give them banners with the common objections they need to overcome – what they need to believe to buy. Get them to the checkout page.

Anyway, this is Charles. Hope you enjoyed it. If you feel like a free associate membership here at the Media Buyer Association, click the link below and I’ll see you on the other side.

Mar 27

Are You Targeting Amazon Kindles In Your Ad Campaigns

By charles kirkland | blog , Mobile Traffic , Uncategorized

Hey, this is Charles Kirkland, co-founder of the Media Buyer Association. I’ve got a quick question for you. Are you targeting Kindles?

Now a lot of marketers like to throw the Kindle in with the Android lump because it’s an android device, and it’s an iOS, so therefore, let’s lump some of these into everything else that is Android. And while that may be technically correct, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity, because one of the great things – buyers and readers seem to go together.

I think Dan Kennedy originally had mentioned that people who read are typically people who buy. Now with that said, a lot of people have tablets. And I love tablets. I’ve got tablets. I have a lot of tablets. But I’ll also tell you that when I purchased a Kindle it was because I wanted to read. I wanted to consume information, obviously some reading for entertainment value, as well.

But this is a very different buyer than your standard Android tablet. You know, they may be looking at it. Ooh! Let’s go ahead and give the kids something they can do. Guess what? Kids can’t read – probably not playing with the Kindle.

Now they come in a variety of sizes. But what I want to tell you is start breaking out Kindles in your campaigns. You will find that these have, at least for us, have an extremely high ROI, typically from a standpoint of B2B.

Now I will tell you they will utterly fail if you’re, “Hey, would you like to get a free Kindle game if-” Gaming doesn’t do well with Kindles. Anything that you need an educated adult for – Now I’m not saying that there’s somebody uneducated. But anytime you need an educated adult, we’ve done much better with Kindles. Actually, in fact, we do better with Kindles than we do iOS from an ROI standpoint. So, keep that in mind.

Anyway, this is Charles Kirkland. Hope you enjoyed it. By the way, if you’re not a member of the Media Buyers Association and want to learn cool tricks like this go ahead and opt in below, or click the link below, and you can go ahead and join for free. Anyway, this is Charles. Talk to you later.

Mar 27

How wearable technology is helping media buyers

By charles kirkland | blog , free lessons , Lead Gen , Marketing , Mobile Traffic

Hey, this is Charles Kirkland, co-founder of the Media Buyer Association. Today we’re going to be talking about wearable technology. And you say, Charles. This has nothing to do with media buying. Why are you changing the subject on me? No. This has everything to do with media buying. It’s a little Jawbone. It’s blue. It costs a hundred something dollars. I’ve had it for quite a while, since they first came out.

Who are the people buying this stuff? Well, typically, upper income individuals who are health conscious. I don’t know about you, but I think those would make a great group of people to target. If you’re looking at that, start thinking about this. These things are only becoming more and more popular. The Apple watch recently came out. Samsung, all of these people, are going to have tons and tons of opportunities to have wearable technology. The question I am asking you is, are you targeting these in your campaigns.

If you want to go ahead and start targeting people that own these types of devices, just even through Facebook, you could target them through Twitter for that matter. By targeting these people, you’re typically dealing with a better quality prospect. And if you’ve got a health related product, great opportunity there, or anything athletic related.

So, with that said, are you targeting smarter? Are you going after these people, or are you just continuing to target the same group of people and hoping your campaign’s going to work. Target people with money, you’ll find it’s easier to sell things.

Anyway, this is Charles Kirkland. Hope you enjoyed it. And as always, if you’re not a member of the Media Buyers Association go ahead and grab your free account below. Click the link below, and I’ll see you on the other side.