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Feb 15

The FaceBook Conversion Tracking Pixel is Dead…

By charles kirkland | FaceBook

Facebook is always showing the marketing world it’s love. 🙂

And today is no different because they have finally killed off the old conversion tracking pixel in favor of a 1 pixel solution.

They have been threatening this for a long time, but they finally pulled the plug on the old pixel.

If you have been using the old FaceBook conversion tracking pixel, you need to login and update your pixel ASAP.

The new pixel setup isn’t hard; it just takes some planning to set up your conversion events.

The new pixel combines both the conversion tracking pixel and the custom audience pixels.

So you can use one code for conversion tracking, optimization, and remarketing.

This new pixel really is a lot better, and I for one love it.

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Talk soon,

Charles Kirkland

May 20

Struggling with cold traffic?

By charles kirkland | blog , FaceBook

Are you struggling to get cold traffic to convert with your offers?

It can be a challenge, but most of the time the problem is not the traffic but how you created your funnel.

Today, I want to show you how I build out my funnels for cold traffic so you can copy it for your business.

Once your offers start converting for cold traffic it opens a whole new set of doors for your business.

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May 02

3 Ways To Use FaceBook Audience Insights For Higher ROI’s

By charles kirkland | FaceBook

High ROI's using Facebook Audience Insights.

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When it comes to traffic, FaceBook doesn’t have a shortage of it.  The problem is marketers struggle to turn clicks into sales.  We can blame a lot of things like the human attention span, bad visitors, etc.

But the fastest way to crack the FaceBook success game is to start with the right targets. Today I want to show you exactly how I find the highest converting ad targets to use on and off of FaceBook.

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