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How wearable technology is helping media buyers

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Why prospects want to buy

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The landing page lie

  I’m sure this video is going to make a few people mad.  When it comes to paid traffic the most important metric is earnings per click…not opt-in page conversion rates. Yet opt-in page conversion rates is how most marketers measure an ad’s success. I don’t know about you, but I can’t pay my bills withopt-ins, only profits. Watch the…

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Media Buyer Podcast: Why You Get Fake Emails

Podcast Timeline: 0:32 – Introduction 0:48 – How often do you go to a website and see a full menu on top? 1:40 – One of the biggest issues a lot of marketers run into 3:15 – Don’t be afraid to put the full menu across the top of your website 3:50 – Be legit,…

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Media Buyer Podcast: Are You Using Twitter Ads?

Timeline: 0:32 – Introduction 0:45 – An under-utilized traffic source – Twitter 1:52 – Twitter should be a relationship building experience 3:21 – Expand your “Following” list 4:09 – ROI out of Twitter leads is higher than Facebook 5:17 – Twitter Ad blog   Podcast Transcript: Hi! This is Charles. I hope everybody is doing…

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The Fastest Way To Get More B2B Leads With Retargeting

Charles will show you how retargeting will help you get more B2B Leads in this video. If you consider yourself a smart marketer, then you should be doing this!

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Media Buyer Podcast: How To Increase Your B2B Lead Gen With Smart Retargeting

Timeline: 0:31 – Introduction 0:39 – Let’s talk about retargeting 1:32 – Maybe you are asking for a lot of information 1:46 – Using retargeting in a B2B scenario 2:41 – Make sure you don’t bring people back to the exact same landing page Podcast Transcript: Hi, this is Charles of the Media Buyer Association.…

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  4 REASONS TO ATTEND THIS LIVE EVENT 1. Cold-Traffic Funnel Formula crushing it in over 17 non-IM markets – Including By The #1 Golf Instruction site in the world, The #2 Satelite TV Provider in the US, The #1 Tennis Instruction Site online, The #3 Business Funding Provider in the US, & More……

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How To Get Started If You Have A Small Budget

See how joining the Media Buyer Association can help you get more leads, and sales.

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How To Buy More Traffic And Control Your Niche

Click Here to Download the Podcast on iTunes How To Buy More Traffic And Control Your Niche 00:00                    Introduction 00:25                    Three Levels of Marketers 02:00                    Infomercials 02:40  …

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