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How wearable technology is helping media buyers Hey, this is Charles Kirkland, co-founder of the Media Buyer Association. Today we’re going to be talking about wearable technology. And you say, Charles. This has nothing to do with media buying. Why are you changing the subject on me? No. This has everything to do with media buying. It’s a little Jawbone. It’s…

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Why prospects want to buy

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The landing page lie

  I’m sure this video is going to make a few people mad.  When it comes to paid traffic the most important metric is earnings per click…not opt-in page conversion rates. Yet opt-in page conversion rates is how most marketers measure an ad’s success. I don’t know about you, but I can’t pay my bills withopt-ins, only profits. Watch the…

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Media Buyer Podcast: Why You Get Fake Emails

Podcast Timeline: 0:32 – Introduction 0:48 – How often do you go to a website and see a full menu on top? 1:40 – One of the biggest issues a lot of marketers run into 3:15 – Don’t be afraid to put the full menu across the top of your website 3:50 – Be legit,…

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Media Buyer Podcast: Are You Using Twitter Ads?

Timeline: 0:32 – Introduction 0:45 – An under-utilized traffic source – Twitter 1:52 – Twitter should be a relationship building experience 3:21 – Expand your “Following” list 4:09 – ROI out of Twitter leads is higher than Facebook 5:17 – Twitter Ad blog   Podcast Transcript: Hi! This is Charles. I hope everybody is doing…

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The Fastest Way To Get More B2B Leads With Retargeting

Charles will show you how retargeting will help you get more B2B Leads in this video. If you consider yourself a smart marketer, then you should be doing this!

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Media Buyer Podcast: How To Increase Your B2B Lead Gen With Smart Retargeting

Timeline: 0:31 – Introduction 0:39 – Let’s talk about retargeting 1:32 – Maybe you are asking for a lot of information 1:46 – Using retargeting in a B2B scenario 2:41 – Make sure you don’t bring people back to the exact same landing page Podcast Transcript: Hi, this is Charles of the Media Buyer Association.…

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  4 REASONS TO ATTEND THIS LIVE EVENT 1. Cold-Traffic Funnel Formula crushing it in over 17 non-IM markets – Including By The #1 Golf Instruction site in the world, The #2 Satelite TV Provider in the US, The #1 Tennis Instruction Site online, The #3 Business Funding Provider in the US, & More……

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How To Get Started If You Have A Small Budget

See how joining the Media Buyer Association can help you get more leads, and sales.

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How To Buy More Traffic And Control Your Niche

Click Here to Download the Podcast on iTunes How To Buy More Traffic And Control Your Niche 00:00                    Introduction 00:25                    Three Levels of Marketers 02:00                    Infomercials 02:40  …

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