How to Create the Highest Converting Webinar Possible

By charles kirkland | Webinar

Oct 27

Yesterday I had a great day with webinars.

Wednesday night I made a sale for my Lead Agency Masterclass around 11:47 PM.

It’s great to wake up to sales.

Then later that day Justin Brooke did a webinar for me while I had lunch with with my dad. He is a few months shy of 81, and I know my time with him is short so I'm making every minute count.

Around 5:30PM, I was a guest on a brand new podcast by Ilana Wechsler where she hit me between the eyes with her question:

How do you convert cold traffic into leads, sales and profits the fastest?

At this point I have done over 2,000 live webinars so I don't even prepare for calls anymore. Otherwise I sound scripted.

I told her webinars because they work like nothing else.

But specifically it would be evergreen webinars.

I spilled the beans on what's working and what's not in the world of webinars.

But in usual Charles fashion I have a twist on how I do evergreen webinars.

While everybody else is running around complaining about low showup rates and attendees I smile and nod my head.

I don't have that problem at all.

You wouldn't believe my show up rate if I told you anyway so it doesn't matter.

I run traffic to my optin page first. But not any optin page. I only want to deal with leads who are spending money.

There is nothing wrong with targeting tire kickers if you are into big lists with zero sales.

My targeting and ad copy scare away freebie seekers on purpose.

That's why I have a 62% optin rate to cold traffic.

My lead magnet only attracts people who are spending money in Facebook.

If you have never spent a penny in Facebook, my lead magnet doesn't even register as something you would want.

Once you opt in it's time for my southern charm to kick in. You'll see me dressed up in front of my whiteboard telling you to check your email in 10-15 minutes.

Next, you need to sign up for the advanced training to help you get more value from the PDF in your email.

BOOM...did you catch that? I already pre-framed the lead magnet as valuable plus you get advanced training.

But what about the lead magnet? Why don't you put it on the download page?

Because my golden retriever has a longer attention span than most people using the internet.

Plus, if you get the lead magnet and you don't open and click my email, it tells Google my emails are not valuable.

Google has more PHD's working for them than NASA.

If my first email doesn't get opened, it dramatically decreases the chances that my follow ups will land in your inbox.

Google thinks I'm another Russian email spammer.

Because you opened and clicked the first email they automatically think that Charles Kirkland ROCKS!

Which in turn keeps my inbox placement higher than most.

Now, back to the webinar.

Once you sign up for the webinar you'll see me teaching a short lesson via video.

Because the webinar starts every 15 minutes, I'm doing my best to keep you engaged until it starts.

At this point you have seen me on video 2 times in 2 different locations wearing 2 different outfits.

While I'm not a pickup artist, I have studied the psychology behind it.

This gives you the impression that you have known me for a longer time.

Let’s face it.

On the internet 1 hour is like years in real time and about 50 years in dog years.

Since I'm marketing to cold traffic I have to make sure my game is on par.

I'm going to skip the psychology behind the webinar presentations because that would take days to explain.

Let’s leave it as every single word in the webinar has a reason.

And the feedback about the content has been great.

One of the best sales books ever written is by an attorney named Gerry Spence called How to Argue & Win Every Time.

Marketers think of sales as either you sell something or you don't.

But defense attorneys have argued to save somebody's life. The stakes are way higher than anything we ever have to deal with.

See, this is one more example of why you need to get outside of your market for breakthrough ideas.

Start scripting your webinars like you’re trying to save an innocent man’s life; they will convert like crazy.

Yes, this approach takes more time.

But when you're creating something that can run on autopilot for 12 months straight to cold traffic you have to put in the work upfront.

That's how you create winning webinars.

If you want to see my lead agency webinar, click here. It starts every 15 minutes.

Talk soon,
Charles Kirkland


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Charles is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how. Raised in a working class family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another.