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Get Access To The Entire Media Buyer Association Traffic Library For Just $4.97.

You'll get access to the entire Media Buyer Association advanced training library for only $4.97.

(Then it's only $77 per month!)

This is just a sample of what you are going to get. 

Training #1 CSI vs. Glades

How to create a buyer profile.

Before you ever spend 1 red cent on traffic you have to know exactly who your buyer is and what are the biggest pain points. In this advanced training you'll watch step-by- step as I create a buyer profile from scratch.

Why you have to use the shopping mall test for any product that you’re thinking about promoting with paid media.

The most important thing about demographic matching that nobody wants to talk about…it’s not what you think.

Training #2 The Mind Drill Method

Discover how a self help author who has been dead for over 43 years gave birth to the Mind Drill Method that is used by every top media buyer in the world…and why you have never heard of it before.

How to use the Mind Drill Method to find hidden opportunities that the average marketer can’t even imagine.

The biggest reason novice marketers fail with media buying…and how to avoid that sinister trap.

Training #3 GT System Part 1 

How to make simple little adjustments to the way you “think” that keep your ads running for the long term.

Find out how a simple phone call from a local college gave me the idea to radically change my funnel…and now it converts 195% better with the same traffic.

You will get a live, over-the-shoulder video of me setting up a real campaign from start to finish on 4 of the most popular media buying networks.

Learn what landing pages work best for which offers and why you shouldn’t just blindly follow what other people are doing.

Training #4 GT System Part 2 

Learn why your best offer pages will not convert with media buying…and how you have to follow the GTS in order to have high converting offer pages.

Get the inside scoop on why you have to get out of the IM mindset to create a real working funnel.

How a feminist website taught me the right way to create email follow ups that ROCK with media buys.

Get my step-by-step checklist for creating funnels that work the first time out the gate, so you never waste 1 single click again.

Training #5 Wild Wild West Plan 

When testing can backfire and kill your chances of ever making a profit…if you follow what most people teach.

The simple open source software that has turned average campaigns into winners…how to use it the right way.

Which tracking software will not work for high traffic media buys…and why I recommend a free open source tracking software.

How to set up your tracking software in just 8 minutes that will change the way you look at ad networks.

Training #6 Spider Scaling System

How to optimize your media buy for the highest ROI or the highest CTR and why this really matters for the long-term success of your campaign.

My honey hole for finding high converting banners that you can swipe in minutes.

Get your hands on my spider scaling checklist that will walk you step-by-step through when and how to scale your traffic for maximum profits.

How to auto-optimize your media campaign in 5 minutes or less so you are always getting the best ROI.

Training #7 Banner Ads Made Simple

In this 30 minute power packed video I’m going to give you the secrets to creating winning ads in only 5 minutes with my proven banner formula…so you can get more leads, sales, and clicks from the same traffic.

Why hiring a graphic designer is the fastest way to kill your profits…and how you can do it better for free.

Get Instant Access!

Still Thinking About It?

When it comes to traffic generation and staying on the cusp of the things that work with media buying, Facebook, and PPC, Charles Kirkland is the guy I go to and trust the most.

Todd Brown 
Marketing Funnel Automation                 

If you're buying traffic, you need to know Charles Kirkland! This guy will show you cutting-edge strategies to grow your business through media that none of the 'gurus' are talking about...

Charles Gaudet 
Author of "The Predictable Profits Playbook" and founder of Predictable Profits                 

I’m sure you're wondering what's the catch?

Well, there is 0 catch here. You get unlimited access to my MBA library for 30 days. After that's it's only $77 per month if you stay a member and you can leave at any time.

We don’t have any long-term contracts.

But once you see the quality of the content I’m sure you'll stay a member for a very long time.

See, having access to the MBA Member Vault will have a positive impact on your business.

That's only the tip of the iceberg.

Because we use what we teach you can count on it working. You'll also get access to these.

Monthly Educational Events

Monthly educational events: stay on the cutting edge of media buying and real world experiences; pure content, zero pitches.

FaceBook Strategy Group

Get access to my private facebook mastermind group to share your success and ask and answer member questions in real time.

Exclusive Training Video

Unlimited access to exclusive training videos with new videos being added regularly to ensure your business stays updated in the world of paid media.

Best Practice Workshops

Access to exclusive Best Practice Workshops. These workshops are subject specific and are designed to help you master paid media.

Training Library

Access to our training library including videos where I show you how to set up campaigns from start to finish on the four biggest media buying networks.

Software Tools

Get unlimited access to an array of paid media traffic tools to make creating your campaigns simple and easy.

What are some of the member trainings you get when you join MBA?

Currently there are 40 hours and 25 courses with new ones being added regularly. As of now, here are the courses available in the video library.

Market Research - Find out who your perfect customers are and discover what makes them tick so you know how to best approach them. Find out where your target customers are and how to reach them in a cost effective manner.

Creating a Media Plan - Discover where your competition is advertising and create a game plan for your business.

Picking the Right Traffic Source - Not every type of traffic will work with your offers. Find out which types work best for your offers.

Traffic Tracking - Learn how to use AdtrackzGold, CPVlabs, and Tracking 202 to track your offers and determine which one is best suited to your needs.

Website Setup - See step-by-step how to setup a lead capture website from scratch along with the thank you page.

Email Marketing - Find out which services are right for you and how to quickly and easily setup a Get Response email account so you can start accepting leads in less than 25 minutes.

Banner Design - See how easy it is to create high converting banners even if you have 0 graphic design experience.

Ad Retargeting - See how easy it is to create a retargeting campaign and how to leverage it to gain new leads and customers.

Facebook - Learn how to setup your first FaceBook campaign like a pro.

Real Time Bidding - Discover how to setup and use Real Time Bidding (RTB) the right way.

Adwords - Learn how to use Google Search and Display networks to create high quality traffic.

Cost Per View - Contextual traffic is one of the most misunderstood types of traffic. Learn what this is all about and how to use it to reduce your lead cost and make more sales.

Text Link Training - Find out how we setup simple text link campaigns and how to track them with a few simple steps.

Mobile Marketing - Learn what mobile marketing is and how it can help you grow you business.

Display Media - Find out how to use display media to grow you business.

Here 's What To Do Next

Like I said, I want to give you my best content to help you grow your online business with the 30 day trial for only $4.97. When you decide to stay a member after the trial, it's only $77 per month. There are no long-term contracts and you can cancel at any time. But I know once you see the impact the MBA will have on your business you'll decide to stay like so many other members.  The burden is on me to make an impact in your business. 

All I ask is that you give it a fair try and put into action what I'm teaching. 

Time Is Of The Essence

Here's why.

I'm currently running a split test against the $4.97 trail vs the normal full priced $77 per month offer to see which one converts better. As you see, I walk the walk and talk the talk by split testing this offer. Because I'm not sure how long this test will run or which one creates the highest ROI, I don't know how long this offer will be available. Once the test is over I may decide to go back to the full priced offer. I'm not sure yet.

So if you are on the fence about joining I urge you to take advantage of this offer while it's still live.

Let's Review What You Are About To Get


Instant access to the worksheets, advanced training videos, traffic courses, templates, software, access to the FaceBook mastermind...only $4.97 for the first 30 days and it's only $77 per month after that.

If you are not happy, I’ll even give you that 4.97 dollar back. I can’t think of any way to make this a better deal.

See you on the inside.

P.S.  If you scrolled to the bottom of this letter first, here is the recap:

I'm giving you access to the entire MBA training library with over 40 hours of content, worksheets, software tools, and live trainings for only $4.97 today so you can test everything out. Put it to use in your business and watch the impact of my training. After 30 days you'll be billed the small monthly access fee of only $77 per month.

This will get you continued access to the Facebook mastermind, live training, updates and new content. 

Do not wait to accept this special offer. It is part of a split test and depending on which offer wins it may not be available in the future. So click the link below to join while you still can.