Webinar Special: The Lead Agency Coaching Class

Yes Charles, I'm Serious About Starting A Digital Marketing Agency & Getting My First High Value Client Within 30 Days.


Here's Everything You Get When You Join Today:

Week 1 Finding Your Niche

I’ll show you how to find a niche where you can be the big fish in a small pond. You’ll learn how to find profitable niches and how to identify ones to stay away from. Picking the wrong niche is a fast way to go out of business.

Week 2 Setup Your Agency 

I’m going to show you how to setup your bank accounts, payment processing, and back office, create branding, marketing materials, proposals and contracts, and find, hire and manage VAs.

Week 3 Find Your 1st Client

I’ll show you how to find your 1st client by using FaceBook, LinkedIn and email. Your client is out there and is going to hire somebody. It might was well be you. I’ll give you the templates, email follow ups, and sales scripts to use to close the deal.

Week 4

Now that you have a client it’s time to impress them with your results. I’ll show you step-by-step how to get results and how to clearly communicate the results to the client with numbers they can understand.

Week 5 Value-Added Services

Once you solve your client’s lead generation problems you can focus on offering other value-added services to grow your bottom line.

I’ll teach you how to upsell clients to web hosting, autoresponders, website design, email marketing, and webinars with the highest returns and least amount of work for you.

Week 6 Strategies To Manage Your Clients

Multiple clients can be a lot to manage, but I’ll teach you simple strategies to managing your clients without dropping the ball. Keep your clients happy without pulling your hair out.

Week 7 Client Reporting

Reporting is a necessary evil, but it does not have to be burdensome or difficult. I’ll show you how to setup your reporting so it only takes 7 minutes per week per client to send them reports that give them the high level numbers they need to see.

Week 8 VA's & Outsourcers

Learn how VA’s and outsourcers can save you lots of time while adding so much money to your bottom line. Scale up your agency to handle more clients and offer more value-added services to get bigger and bigger clients.

8 Weeks of Live Coaching Calls

Get 8  group coaching calls with Charles so you can learn strategies for growing your business. Each week hop on the group call with Charles and get your toughest questions answered.

Private Student Group

Get access to the Private Student Group so you can work one-on-one with Charles and other successful students.

Bonus 1:  B2B Traffic Secrets

Learn how to use B2B Solo Ad, FaceBook Training, Free LinkedIn Traffic Hacks, Google & Gmail Secrets and more.

Bonus 2:  B2B Ad Copy Hacks

Lawton Chiles writes for Frank Kern, Digital Marketer and every other marketing thought leader on the planet. He is going to share with you the inside secrets to creating sales pages, email copy, and landing pages that convert.

Bonus 3: 26 Prewritten Emails

26 prewritten client-getting emails that you can swipe and deploy. You can use these in your cold emails or in your autoresponder follow up sequences.

Bonus 4: Outsourcers Rolodex

Rolodex of proven outsourcers you can use to grow your business. This includes traffic generation, ad copy, VA tasks, and lead generation.

Fast Action Bonus: Agency Site

I’ll show you how to find a niche where you can be the big fish in a small pond. You’ll learn how to find profitable niches and how to identify ones to stay away from. Picking the wrong niche is a fast way to go out of business.


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Follow my directions and start your business. But if you don’t get your 1st client in 30 days, I’ll give you a 30 minute coaching session to help jumpstart your business.


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