As I opened my eyes I knew something was different. I could feel the pounding in the back of my head. With each heartbeat, I could feel the pain. I seldom get a headache, and even the back of my eyes hurt.

I don’t drink so this couldn’t be a hangover. 😉

Most Saturdays I get up around 6AM or so, but today was different. I just layed in bed praying it would go away because I didn’t know what else to do.

That’s when it hit me that so many entrepreneurs are struggling to try to create a successful business, but they don’t know what to do next.

Let’s face it.

Every day your inbox is flooded with hundreds of emails from well-meaning people all suggesting they have the magic beans to fix all your problems.

They talk about the one missing piece you need. If you only had this one X factor, everything would be rainbows and unicorns.

Is your phone filled with an endless supply of podcasts who all bring on a guest who pitches you some new thing?

  • Chatbots
  • Dropshipping
  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Membership site
  • CPA marketing
  • Social Media ads
  • Facebook Groups
  • Local marketing

I could go on and on about this.

The end result is you are bombarded with too many options, and that creates analysis paralysis.

Maybe you are following Guru X who tells you to hustle 24/7 and sleep when you are dead.  Or they talk about how little they work and how much money they make.

I think you get the point. We live in a world with a million choices and the only way to succeed is to draw a line in the sand and focus on doing a few things great.

That is why I want to offer you something that will help you get clarity and focus on your business.

It’s my Advanced Stealth Persuasion Formula masterclass. Once you go through this you will see all the tactics that marketers use to steal your focus and attention and get you to buy.

This class will make you a better marketer and show you how to get the maximum ROI from everything you do.

The price on the sales page is $137. But when you click the checkout it’s only $47 until 11:59 PM EST Sunday night.

P.S. This class will be one of those watershed moments like in the Matrix. The red or blue pill. But once you go through this class nothing will be the same for you. You will know every trick in the book that’s been used on you and you will know what it takes to maximize every click.

charles kirkland
charles kirkland

Charles is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how. Raised in a working class family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another.