Jason Parker from the Media Buyer Association here.

I haven't been in touch lately. For that I apologize. I'm buried in client work and don't have time for MBA, but I wanted to bring to your attention 4 areas of increase you should focus on in your business.

This year I've worked consistently with 3 different 8 figure businesses and here are 4 things I'm always looking to increase.

  1. More Touches. Most prospects pull the trigger on a mid or big ticket offer after 7 to 9 touches. Multiply those touches. Send more emails, upload your database as a Custom Audience, do whatever you must to increase touches--and therefore sales velocity.
  2. More Urgency. It's not enough to say "limited time" or "this ends soon". Your urgency must be time-specific or unit-specific. Don't neglect the golden rule of precision and specificity when it comes to urgency. If you don't do this, there will be no real reason to act now.
  3. More Margin. When a campaign looks promising and you hit the gas, I promise your CPAs will climb. That's why you need wider margins. Make sure your math is there. Don't go into the trenches needing $10 CPAs to make an offer work. It's mathematically impossible, no matter how good of a copywriter you might be. You want to be able to afford $250 or $350 CPAs and still see a positive ROI from cold traffic just from your funnel--not including your backend.
  4. More Human Interaction. Don't hide behind a computer screen. Get live chat, take inbound calls, give them a number to text questions. Especially at mid ticket or greater price points, you need human interaction. Of course, a medium like webinars will allow you to sell at those price points, but how much of that success has to do with interaction on the webinar itself? Ask yourself that.

Happy 4th of July!

Jason Parker

President of the Media Buyer Association