4 Ways Digital Marketing is Changing in 2017

By charles kirkland | Traffic

Feb 22

I know what I’m about to say is going to ruffle a few feathers.

But times have changed and if you don’t innovate you will be out of business in a very short time.

As we are rounding the corner for the 1st quarter of 2017 you need to have some type of game plan and road map for how you are going to grow your business.

Here are 4 things I suggest you look at.

1. The pixel is more powerful than the email.

I’m sure this one is going to be a shocker. I’m not saying email is dead. What I’m saying is people are spending less and less time in the inbox. Personally I’m down to checking email only 2x a day on desktop.

People speed through the inbox like it is a race to win. You get just a few minutes max if someone even decides to open your email.

But when you have them pixelated you can remarket to them all over the web in real time.

2. Paid traffic is no longer an option.

As the founder of the Media Buyer Association of course I want you to use paid traffic but only in a smart way. See, paid traffic will amplify your offer.

If the offer is good, it will convert creating positive ROI.

If your offer is lacking, then paid traffic is a waste of money.

Using paid traffic you can quickly tell if an offer has legs or not and with some basic split testing you can start improving a bad offer.

3. SMS and Messages apps are the new email.

Your mobile phone is your life line to the online world. When I don’t have mine handy or the battery is low, it can be stressful.

Because of that SMS and Message apps are the instant connection to everyone on the planet. Email is old and cold while SMS and Message apps are still personal.

4. You need a partner because things are changing.

Because of some very recent health scares it hit me that no man is an island.

In order to grow your bottom line you need to have a partner who is strong in the areas you’re weak. Plus, things are changing so fast you have to have somebody to help you make sense of it all.

Because of that I want to invite you to the Partner with Charles workshop this Thursday at 8PM EST where I’m going to dive deeper into this.



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