Yesterday I ended up burning dinner on the grill.

It happens.

Later last night my buddy texted me a recipe for spare ribs in the slow cooker.

He told me how good this recipe was, but that I had to follow the recipe 100% or else it would be a disaster.

That’s exactly how ad sequencing works.

Most marketers understand what buttons to push and how to create ads.

What they don’t have is a recipe to follow that yields predictable results.

Think of it like this.

You can have the right ingredients for a pound cake but if they aren’t combined in the right order, nothing’s going to work.

I don’t have enough room here or coffee in my system to lay everything out for you today.

But let’s start.

Start with the ID4 System.

I don’t know you. I don’t like you. I don’t believe you.I don’t need it.

It’s not the prospect’s job to buy from you.

It’s your job to move them to the sale by overcoming their objections.

We can do this by starting with a list of objections for each of the questions in the ID4 System.

The reason can be real or imagined in the prospect’s mind, but you still have to overcome it.

It should not take very long if you’re familiar with your buyer’s avatar.

Next, figure out what’s the best way to address the objections.

Would it make more sense to have a video describing how your widget works?

Maybe you need to have a FAQ list.

Use the ad medium that’s best for killing the objection and have a sequence of ads to help the prospect see your solution as the only option.

By the way, start with the biggest most common objection first and work your way down the line.

I hope you enjoyed this little marketing nugget today.

I would love to hear your feedback and see what you have been working on.

Thanks, Charles Kirkland

charles kirkland
charles kirkland

Charles is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how. Raised in a working class family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another.