What I’m going to talk about today will not apply to 99% of my email list.For the 1% who are ready for market domination, this email will be a game changer. In fact, I would suggest printing this out and taping it to the wall or put it into Ever-note. 

Advanced digital marketing is about strategy, not tactics.

The average marketer majors in the minor details that can’t move the needle in business. I don’t care what your data is telling you, changing the button color from blue to green and getting a 5% boost in conversions is 100% BS. What that creates is an artificial lift that can’t be replicated across larger data sets. I laugh until it hurts when I hear people talk about destroying their competition.The fact that you are talking about playing catch up tells me you’ll never be #1.To be number #1 you need to own a new market category that you create on your own terms. If you have to play by somebody else’s rules, you are doomed from the start. Every market has a dominant player, and it’s virtually impossible to beat them on their terms. Watch this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eEG5LVXdKoSteve Jobs was a business genius on so many different levels. In the 90’s when people told me they used a MAC I would suggest they take off the training wheels and get a real computer. y for your product.

Get a PC.

Today I’m a hard core Apple fan boy and the thought of using a PC makes me want to jump out a 1 story window and run away. Steve knew he couldn’t market MAC products as the ultimate business computer. Microsoft owned the business market and fighting them in that niche would have been a blood bath.Instead, he positioned MAC as the computer for cool people. If you wanted to use Access or Excel, get a PC. But for fun things like music, home video, and pictures, get a MAC.He created a whole new category of fun and easy-to-use computers and BOOM!Copying the competition is a death trap. It worked a few years ago.Even if the product is the same as your competition, create a new category where your product is #1 and everybody else has to play by your rules.

That’s how you win.

?You can’t outspend a dominant market player into bankruptcy. You don’t win a business war through attrition. Instead, you become #1 in a new category.If you are part of the 1% who this email resonates with, let’s see how we can work together to meet your business goals.http://trinitymarketingagency.com/get-a-free-consultation/Dominating a market takes serious marketing chops that very few people ever have. You can’t do the same things as your competition and expect to win. To win, you need to create a new market category for your product.

charles kirkland
charles kirkland

Charles is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how. Raised in a working class family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another.