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Charles is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how. Raised in a working class family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another.

Oct 25

Agency Kickstart

By charles kirkland | free lessons

Last week it was in the upper 80’s here in South Carolina so I was enjoying some time on the deck petting my golden retriever.I looked down to see my phone lighting up. Most of the time it’s on silent so it can’t disturb me during work.Normally I would ignore a personal phone call during […]

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Oct 11

State of Traffic

By charles kirkland | Traffic

In the words of the famous rapper Eminem “We’re in a state of 911.”Facebook is about to release the next wave of slaps that will make the old Google slaps look like Pee Wee Herman taking on Hulk Hogan in a WWE smackdown. It’s just not going to be pretty.I’m looking forward to them cleaning […]

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Oct 09

Don’t Make This Mistake

By charles kirkland | free lessons

What I’m about to say isn’t going to help win friends and influence people, but it has to be said. I’ve lost count of how many conversations I’ve had where prospective clients spend most of the time bragging about what software they are using as if software alone is going to give them some magic power […]

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Oct 02

How to use digital personalization like RightMessage to increase sales overnight

By charles kirkland | Contextual Advertising

Friday’s email about Amazon Ads really hit a nerve. As of now it has 526 Likes just on my fan page alone. is coming at a faster rate than any of us could imagine.To stay ahead of the competition we need to embrace change or risk being irrelevant like so many other businesses.Digital personalization is the […]

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Oct 01

Bigger than Facebook & Google

By charles kirkland | FaceBook

Change is in the air, and I’m not talking about fall.As a side note, the only difference between, spring, summer and fall in South Carolina is you can get pumpkin spice in the fall.Nothing else changes…it’s insanely hot.Right now 2 massive changes are happening in the world of paid media, and I want you to […]

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Sep 29

Alex Berman & Charles Kirkland Talk Growth With Cold Email

By charles kirkland | Agency , blog , Lead Gen , Podcast , Traffic

Charles:            Hey, hey, hey! This is Charles. Hope you’re having a great day or evening, when you’re listening to this podcast. Now, today we’ve got a special guest. We’ve got Mr. Alex from Experiment 27. How are you doing today? Alex:                 Thanks for having me, Charles. Charles:            Good. Good. Alex:                 It’s great to be here. Charles:            Good. So, dude, tell me how did you […]

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Sep 10

2019 Marketing Events

By charles kirkland | Webinar

B2B Marketing Exchange, Feb. 19-21 in Scottsdale, Arizona Hosted by Demand Gen Report in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, B2B Marketing Exchange promises insights into new ways to develop more visual content and extend the life of existing content so you can create on-demand experiences and allow buyers to self-navigate through their journeys. Sessions focus on both […]

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