Jan 20

2020 Clarity and Focus

By charles kirkland | Direct Mail

As I opened my eyes I knew something was different. I could feel the pounding in the back of my head. With each heartbeat, I could feel the pain. I seldom get a headache, and even the back of my eyes hurt.I don’t drink so this couldn’t be a hangover. 😉Most Saturdays I get up […]

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Jan 10

No sound on the video

By Charles Kirkland | Traffic

It was 100% my fault with the video sound.When your phone rings at midnight it’s never good.At 11:56 PM my phone started buzzing and I already knew who it was before I ever looked at the number.My mom was crying trying to explain why the EMS was taking my dad to the hospital less than […]

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Dec 09

MBA Follow-up

By Charles Kirkland | Marketing , Traffic

How do billionaires think?I have a friend who is hyper-connected to some of the smartest minds in the world.One of the biggest things he has taught me is this: Billionaires work very hard, and they think differently than other people.For them, it’s about leverage. Where do they get the biggest gains with the least amount […]

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