Nov 26

Black Friday Tips

By Charles Kirkland | Marketing

Are you ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the entire holiday season?We have clients who have been prepping for months for this time. But just in case you haven’t gotten started, don’t worry. Here are some tips you can put into action right now when creating your ads.Make sure the objective of your ad […]

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Sep 23

Rocket powered armadillos

By Charles Kirkland | FaceBook

What I’m telling you is a 100% true story.  My wife is convinced I should’ve been a superhero because I have the power of the flying monkey wrench. Plus, chaos and confusion are my shadows.   Crazy things happen in my family at a much higher rate than most other families. For the past two weeks my son and […]

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Sep 09

Hurricane Dorian

By charles kirkland | free lessons

As you can tell I survived Hurricane Dorian. It was bad but not nearly as bad as it could have been. Just the normal hurricane damage, no power, trees down, flooding, wind damage. But nothing beyond that.This downtime gave me time to do some deep soul searching about  business.Digital marketing changes so fast. There are […]

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Aug 27

Apple Email

By charles kirkland | Marketing

Apple is about to change email marketing.In the name of security Apple is about to deal a major blow to email marketers, and this will impact you no matter the size of your list. there is nothing we can do to stop what’s about to happen, I’m sharing some ways to protect your business.Listen to […]

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Aug 09

Invest in Your Dream

By charles kirkland | Marketing

What you are about to read is the most powerful thing I have ever shared.This will be food for your soul.Starting a business is a gamble even in the best of times.As entrepreneurs we invest time, money and energy into a dream hedging our bets while looking for every advantage.We take chances that seem outlandish […]

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Jun 07

Strategy Session

By charles kirkland | Uncategorized

Getting to the next million in revenue is not about doing more of the same. Unfortunately, what got you to this point will not take you to the next level.What you need is a system for generating pre-qualified leads and more consistent sales. Until that is in place and running like a Ferrari everything else […]

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