Dec 13

How many clicks does it take to make a sale?

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As a kid one of my favorite Saturday morning commercials was the Tootsie Roll pop’s “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop.”

Now I’m a little older and the question is different. How many clicks does it take to make a sale on ClickBank?

That is a loaded question because you can’t just pull some magic number out of thin air…well, you could, but it would be dead wrong.

First, you have to look at the traffic source you are using. Is this endorsed email traffic from someone with a high quality list or is it junk exit porn traffic?

It’s a massive difference in the quality of those clicks.

Second, what is the buyer intent of the traffic?

Is somebody looking to make homemade soap or did they search for how to get rid of a pimple before Friday?

Only one of these people is in pain and is willing to solve his problem through buying something.

Third, what is the price point and conversion rate of the sales page?

Getting somebody to buy a $5.97 product with free shipping is very different from selling a $497 home study course.

I hope you see that all traffic is not created equal and you have to take that into consideration.

But the biggest take away is this: forget about how many clicks  does it take to make a sale and instead look at how much you make per click.

Make sure you check out my new Yahoo Traffic course to see how to get high quality buyers coming to your site today.

Talk soon,

Charles Kirkland

P.S. What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?

Dec 09

How To Make Retargeting Work For Your Campaigns

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Retargeting can turn a losing campaign into a profitable campaign almost overnight when it’s used correctly.  Unfortunately, I see marketers making the same mistakes with retargeting time and time again.  Watch this short video to see why retargeting could be harming your profitability more than it helps.

Nov 17

Do natives ad work?

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[button_6 text=”style5_continue.png” align=”center” href=””/] With all the buzz and hype about native ads you have to wonder…do they really work?

Most marketers are failing miserably with native ads because they are still marketing like it’s 2010. I’m sure that’s not what you wanted to hear.

The only way to make native ads work is to build your funnel from the very start around native ads. That is what the smartest marketers on the planet
are doing.

Nov 14

High Converting Presell Pages

By charles kirkland | Native Ads


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Since I released a new course on Yahoo Stream Ads I have been getting a lot of questions.  The biggest question I’m getting is about what makes a good presell page.  I decided to just make a video and walk you through a high converting page so you can model it.

Nov 05

Native Ads In Action

By charles kirkland | Marketing , Native Ads


Last week I really messed up my back and now I need to have physical therapy.  It seems that I’m not 18 anymore. Spending 3 straight days in bed gives a guy a lot of time to surf the web. It seems that everywhere I went I saw more and more native ads.

In all my split testing there have been very few times that an opt-in page out performs a native ad and presell page in terms of fast ROI.  Native ads and presell pages just convert better in most mainstream markets.

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