Breakfast out

By charles kirkland | Marketing

Oct 26

Ever wake up and decide that nothing in the house even remotely appeals to you for breakfast?

Well, that was me today. For a few days I have been trying to cut carbs from my diet.

By the way, I love bread.

So today we headed to Summerville to this little place called Toast.

I have been hearing good things about Toast, but this was my first visit.

It's the kind of place that would be better suited for a downtown location. But it's tucked away in a nondescript strip mall.

I ordered a southern traditional breakfast and when it came out I was shocked at how big the biscuit was.

It was beyond HUGE. It was massive X2. I skipped eating it, and it taunted me and called my name the entire ride home.

Here's how this applies to your marketing.

Just like it took me years of hearing about Toast before I tried it, your prospects need to see your marketing ads multiple times before they are ready to take action as well.

Prospects will forget about you and your site. In fact, most people will never visit your site again.

We often only have one chance to get somebody's attention.

Once they move to a different page, good luck getting them back unless you're using re-marketing.

Here is one of my re-marketing banners...and yes, I put my face on everything.

See, when clients hire me the first thing I do is set up re-marketing and the ROI is always insane.

It’s a fast way to create a win for the client and that gives them the confidence to give me more leverage in handling their marketing.

But if you can’t make your re-marketing work, you have an offer problem. No amount of traffic is going to fix that.

If you don’t have re-marketing set up please for the love of kittens, puppy dogs and all things nice set it up right now.

Or if you want my team to set it up for you click here to book at time to talk.




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