69% open rates with cold email I posted a screenshot of Facebook showing my open rates with cold email, and it created an uproar.Facebook Messenger blew up with questions from total strangers asking how I did it.I was in shock because while 69% is a great open rate, it is about normal for my cold email results.Since I don’t have time to spend one-on-one with everybody, I created the next best thing:  a blueprint that anyone can follow to create results like mine with cold email.Since this is a brand new training I wanted to give everybody on my list a huge discount before this goes to the general public.Grab this crazy discount while you can because each day the price is going up.https://go.mediabuyerassociation.com/registration-page31yz1p2mThanks,Charles Kirkland

Hi NAME,I want to say “Congrats” on investing in the Cold Email Masterclass.You now have access to the fastest way possible to grow your business without feeding all your profits into Facebook or Google.Check your email for your login within the next few minutes.If for any reason you don’t see it, please let me know.Make sure you join the Facebook group for even more growth tips and tricks.https://www.facebook.com/groups/572213546457570/Talk soon,Charles Kirkland

Hi Name,I noticed you didn’t upgrade to the 12 month business package of btob.io.Did you know that would allow you to search btob.io and get 132,000 leads?Because fresh leads are the lifeblood of your cold email campaigns, I’m going to make the craziest offer ever.You can upgrade to the Business account for 3 payments of $299.LINKThanks,Charles

Can cold email work for you?Want to accelerate your growth?Did you know that PayPal and Dropbox got started using cold email?And they aren’t alone. The majority of tech startups use cold email to get traction and to scale.You might be thinking if everybody is using it, why don’t you hear more about it?Because most marketers ignore the startup world and don’t read only marketing related blogs.Let’s look at this real life example.A contact of mine runs a high-end marketing agency and his clients are the who’s who of the tech world.So how did he get the attention of these companies to start with?For 1 year he hosted a podcast talking about what’s changing in the marketing world.After 1 year he could count the downloads per day on one hand.He started using cold email to contact CMOs, founders, and CEOs and asked the for an interview for his podcast.You would be amazed at how many people will say YES to a podcast where you can pick their brain for free.Once he had his first guest, he kept getting bigger and bigger guests.That got the attention of a number of startups, and you could say the rest is history.Cold email works, and this is just one way you can use it.Think of all the ways you could use it to get people to say yes.Right now I’m releasing a brand new training on how to get 69% open rates with cold email.I wanted to give everybody on my list a huge discount before this goes to the general public.Grab this crazy discount while you can because each day the price is going up.https://go.mediabuyerassociation.com/registration-page31yz1p2mTalk soon,Charles Kirkland

Bonus ContentThank you for investing in the Cold Email Growth Masterclass.I want to give you everything you need to succeed with cold email.Today I want to share with you the cold email road map.Step 1 – Who do you want to contact?In order for cold email to work you have to make sure you email the right person. Otherwise, you become part of the noise. I start by building out a buyer profile of the target. Let’s use Debbie, the head of HR from the ClickFunnel video.

  • What stresses them out about the job?
  • What do they want help with?
  • What else exists in the market they could use?
  • How much do the products/services cost?
  • What’s the reason they would buy products/services?

Knowing the answers to these questions makes everything else fall into place.

Q.) What stresses them out about the job?A.) Legal Compliance. If they get this wrong, the business will have some crazy fines to pay and they would get fired.Q.) What do they want help with?A.) Something that would take care of the changing laws of HR and having somebody taking the risk.Q.) What else exists in the market they could use?A.) Overpriced software, HR consultants that make her feel insecure about her position, outsourced HR services but would the company fire her for them?Q.) How much do the products/services cost?A.) Most of them are sold via contracts that are bigger than her salary. Q.) What’s the reason they would buy products/services?A.) To avoid hefty fines and it would lighten her workload allowing her to focus on other areas of HR.At this point we know that Debbie doesn’t want to lose her job from compliance mistakes and is unsure about a service that could replace her.In the corporate world everybody has their own agenda that may not align with the company’s goals.In our emails we can hit those pain points hard to get Debbie’s attention fast.Step 2 – Pick a domain name that screams. “I’m legit.”If I could only see your domain, would it inspire confidence enough to open the email?Think this sounds legit?SuperGetRichMagicPushButtonHRSoftware.guru OrHRComplianceInstitute.comPick a name that feels safe while not triggering spam filters.Step 3 – Set up Suites Prepay for 6 months of email with Suites and Google will give you better inboxing off the start because you are saying I’m in this for the long haul. Step 4 – Build out your lead listMake sure you watch the video where I showed you how to get DuckSoup to give you free email.Use LinkedIn to find the perfect target and make sure you review the DuckSoup leads.Next, use BtoB.io because you have 3 months free access…so use it.Step 5 – Write 4 emailsGo back to step 1 and make sure you write emails around the pain points your prospect has. You have to hammer home the pain or you get pushed to the back burner and forgotten about.Start out your first email with a simple survey or ask if they need help with the biggest problem. Our goal with the first 4 emails are to get the attention of the leads who are looking for a change. This is the smallest market.Step 6 – Write content emailsThe next phase of emails is designed for people who will be in the market soon. Your goal is to stay top of mind and position yourself as a thought leader. Get them to know, like and trust you.These people are a huge chunk of the market.Step 7 – Send and monitorBOOM. It’s time to hit send, and we have to decide which software we are going to use.https://quickmail.io or http://mailshake.comIf you get one and it’s not a good fit, switch. I know both the founders personally, and they are always adding in new features.Hit send and monitor your results.This is the simple plan I use to hit 69% plus open rates for cold email day in and day out.I’ve used this same technique in multiple niches, and it works.Take action and let me know if you have any questions.Thanks,Charles Kirkland & Corey BornmannP.S. If you have any trouble with your login, let me know.

Starting over from scratch. At least once a week I get this question via email. “If I had to start over from scratch, what would I do?”Most people think this is a hypothetical question.For me it’s something I’ve done a few times.First, it’s never easy to start over. Anyone telling you otherwise is full of crap.Anytime you have invested years into something, it hurts to leave unless you’re leaving it because you sold it.And if you sold it, you feel empty after a few weeks because unless you create newer and bigger goals you don’t feel fulfilled.Step 1 – Make A Game PlanWho is your target market and what do they want to buy?What assets do you have in your bag of tricks that people would pay you for?Where these 2 things meet is your sweet spot.Notice I said make a game plan, not a business plan. When you are starting over you will need to be nimble and be able to pivot fast. If your game plan is longer than 1 sheet of paper, it’s too long.At this point we are just looking for proof of concept.Step 2 – Who Do You Know?Who in your personal network can give you an intro to your target market?You would be amazed at how connected some of your friends are. Many years ago I did a number of projects with 4 guys who taught me some crazy stuff.One was a retired CIA pilot. I never knew if the stories he told were true, but he could tell tales to make you think twice about the world.One owned a massive real estate firm and spent most of his time doing whatever – which was mostly hanging out with the 3 other guys.One was a retired political consultant from K Street. He founded a successful consulting firm and moved to Charleston to slow down.The last one was a semi-retired CEO. To give you an idea of his wealth, his family owned a 747.They were all bored and started a business together.I often think they paid me for new ideas more than actual work. Half the time we would ride around, talk, eat and work on solving problems.You might be wondering how I got connected to them?A buddy did a intro because they needed a consultant who had experience and connections working with a local government.Never underestimate your existing network.Step 3 – Cold EmailYour network is only going to take you so far. That’s when I would start using cold email to contact people in my target market and introduce myself and see if  I could help them.At any give time 3% of the market is unhappy with something and looking to change it.Up to 30% is OK with something and not ready to change. But a cold email campaign to them and some top of mind awareness will go a long way in getting clients.By using cold email you start over without a lot of capital and get things going fast.The key is to be able to use cold email and scale while still staying personal.Right now I’m releasing a brand new training on how to get 69% open rates with cold email.I wanted to give everybody on my list a huge discount before this goes to the general public.Grab this crazy discount while you can because each day the price is going up.https://go.mediabuyerassociation.com/registration-page31yz1p2mTalk soon,Charles Kirkland

charles kirkland
charles kirkland

Charles is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how. Raised in a working class family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another.