Clients are always asking me how they can create a competitive advantage with paid media. My answer is always the same…build your email list and make sales.

This is how the buying pyramid breaks down:3% are looking to buy now.7% are open to the idea of buying.30% are not thinking about it.30% don’t think they’re interested.30% know they are not interested. Build a competitive advantage with email marketing and stay top-of-mind.

Getting them to know, like and trust you creates a real competitive advantage. But here is the biggest problem I hear everyday: You can’t start because you have a small budget.

small budget
Can you build a list with a small budget?

Check out these stats for the last 7 days for a new client with a small budget:

  • 25 leads @ $2.91 each with cold traffic
  • 118 leads @ $0.85 each with cold traffic

If you want to make 2020 the best year ever, start focusing on building your email list with targeted prospects and get them to know, like and trust you.

The key to making this happen is with a landing page that out-converts your competition. You can’t control the cost of traffic, but you always have control over your landing page conversions.

When you can get 2x the leads of your competition it doesn’t take long for you to start dominating the market. This creates a snowball effect; you build your list faster which leads to more sales therefore allowing you to invest more into your lead generation.

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Talk soon,
Charles Kirkland