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May 30

Ad Sequencing

By charles kirkland | Adwords

Yesterday I ended up burning dinner on the grill.It happens.Later last night my buddy texted me a recipe for spare ribs in the slow cooker.He told me how good this recipe was, but that I had to follow the recipe 100% or else it would be a disaster.That’s exactly how ad sequencing works.Most marketers understand […]

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May 10

My apologies

By charles kirkland | Adwords , blog

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Share0 I need to apologize for the level of content that I have been creating. I made the mistake of listening to the loudest segment of my list which is often the smallest. These were beginners and I tried to create more beginner content while ignoring the intermediate and advanced segments.To […]

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Sep 18

AdWords Editor Checklist

By charles kirkland | Adwords

AdWords EditorAdWords Editor is a free downloadable application to manage your AdWords campaign. You can make bulk changes by importing all of the account data and then uploading the campaigns back into the account for the changes to take effect. Here you can even work offline and make changes. When you go online you can […]

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