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Jan 10

No sound on the video

By Charles Kirkland | Traffic

It was 100% my fault with the video sound.When your phone rings at midnight it’s never good.At 11:56 PM my phone started buzzing and I already knew who it was before I ever looked at the number.My mom was crying trying to explain why the EMS was taking my dad to the hospital less than […]

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Dec 09

MBA Follow-up

By Charles Kirkland | Marketing , Traffic

How do billionaires think?I have a friend who is hyper-connected to some of the smartest minds in the world.One of the biggest things he has taught me is this: Billionaires work very hard, and they think differently than other people.For them, it’s about leverage. Where do they get the biggest gains with the least amount […]

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Oct 11

State of Traffic

By charles kirkland | Traffic

In the words of the famous rapper Eminem “We’re in a state of 911.”Facebook is about to release the next wave of slaps that will make the old Google slaps look like Pee Wee Herman taking on Hulk Hogan in a WWE smackdown. It’s just not going to be pretty.I’m looking forward to them cleaning […]

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Sep 29

Alex Berman & Charles Kirkland Talk Growth With Cold Email

By charles kirkland | Agency , blog , Lead Gen , Podcast , Traffic

Charles:            Hey, hey, hey! This is Charles. Hope you’re having a great day or evening, when you’re listening to this podcast. Now, today we’ve got a special guest. We’ve got Mr. Alex from Experiment 27. How are you doing today? Alex:                 Thanks for having me, Charles. Charles:            Good. Good. Alex:                 It’s great to be here. Charles:            Good. So, dude, tell me how did you […]

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Jun 04

150 Million Daily Viewers

By charles kirkland | Traffic

Facebook is under massive pressure to come up with new ways to show ads without hurting the user experience.Or in plain English, they need to make more money without killing the golden goose.Over the past 14 months Facebook has been pushing Stories. Now that it has 150 million daily viewers, they are ready to monetize […]

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Feb 12

What is the Next Big Thing in Traffic?

By charles kirkland | Traffic

I get this question all the time, and the answer might surprise you. It’s not a new traffic platform. Instead, it is site personalization. Site personalization is about delivering a personalized customer experience to every single user across all platforms. It’s a brave new world. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach to every […]

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