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Jun 07

Strategy Session

By charles kirkland | Uncategorized

Getting to the next million in revenue is not about doing more of the same. Unfortunately, what got you to this point will not take you to the next level.What you need is a system for generating pre-qualified leads and more consistent sales. Until that is in place and running like a Ferrari everything else […]

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Nov 29

SEO vs Paid Traffic

By Claudith Belgira | Uncategorized

Should you focus on getting free traffic via SEO or spend money on paid traffic in Google and Facebook?I’m going to give you the facts and a surprising answer.What I’m about to show you will make you think twice.If you don’t see this image below, then turn on your images to see the stats.Every visitor […]

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Aug 18

Clicks at $5+ Today

By charles kirkland | Uncategorized

This is the dirty secret people don’t talk about very often.A lot of businesses in virtually every niche had hockey stick growth in the early 2000’s because of Adwords.You had very little competition regardless of the niche.I still remember complaining about paying 4 cents per click in search.Those same clicks cost $5+ today.The early adopters […]

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