“Discover How To Finally Use Retargeting The Right Way (And Easiest Way), Resulting in 174% More Profit in Our Campaigns!”


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What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting uses a unique method to turn 1 single click into 12 clicks while filling your funnel with only the most responsive leads and eager buyers at a fraction of the cost that other marketers are paying. When you implement Retargeting, you narrow your focus to the buying segment of the market and automatically weed out the tire kickers until they are ready to buy. This way, you’re only focusing on the buying segment, costing you less money for paid traffic while enjoying a higher ROI.

Who it this for?

Retargeting are for established online businesses that are looking to boost their ROI and get their buyers to purchase more in a shorter amount of time.

How will this help me?

Retargeting is all about the buyer. Most marketing programs spend all their time on prospects, which is one of the lowest ROI activities in business. Retargeting converts leads into buyers, single buyers into repeat buyers, and higher end buyers all at a faster rate. Retargeting is a force multiplier; by harnessing its incredible power, you can take just 1 click and multiply it into 12 clicks or more.

Discover the ULTIMATE Marketing Strategy

Retargeting will change the way you look at sales and marketing, because it allows you to focus only on the best leads and buyers.

And I can help you navigate your way through this amazing system step by step!

I’ve created a start-to-finish course to show you everything you need to do to make Retargeting work for your business. The videos are shot in an over-the-shoulder style, so it’s like I’m in your home, walking you through the process. The videos are broken down into segments and topics, so you can watch them at your own pace and revisit them quickly and easily.

Here’s just SOME of what I’ll teach you:


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]bullet_3_s2_blue_sh How to create high converting image ads without using Photoshop .

bullet_3_s2_blue_sh Why your lack of design skills can help you create better ads than most graphic designers.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shHow to use advanced Retargeting to create a competitive advantage…and what happens if you don’t.

bullet_3_s2_blue_sh How to use Retargeting to level the playing field with bigger competitors even if you have a small budget.

bullet_3_s2_blue_sh Why using only 1 marketing channel is a recipe for disaster in your business.

bullet_3_s2_blue_sh What the average marketers are doing that keeps them struggling for good leads and sales.

bullet_3_s2_blue_sh How to set up your Adroll campaigns for maximum ROI.

bullet_3_s2_blue_sh Discover how you can apply custom audiences to Adroll to target your best buyers with high end offers.

bullet_3_s2_blue_shPlus a lot more.[/text_block]

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So, just how much is this going to cost?

I normally charge $497 for my advanced training courses. But because I want you to get on the fast track with retargeting, you can get the ENTIRE system at a special prelaunch price of $77.

That’s less than $200 for over 5 hours of step by step videos! This is a pre-sell offer—you’re getting access before anyone else does!

All I ask is that you provide me with feedback—testimonials are appreciated, too—and with your help, the program can only get better and better.[/text_block]

60 DAY Money

Go through my entire training…all the step-by-step videos…and if you don’t LOVE IT, get a complete no-questions-asked refund within 60 days.

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Are you ready to get started?

This exclusive offer is waiting for you!

But you have to act FAST—because retargeting is almost an unfair advantage, you need beat your competitors to the punch so they don’t start stealing your potential buyers![/text_block]

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P.S. Click Lifters will revolutionize your business—and your bottom line. And you’ll have me guiding you through everything you need to do in order to be successful!

Don’t let this chance pass you by. Let me show you how easy it is to put retargeting to work for your business.[/text_block]

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