If you don’t get to know what is bringing you business then you’ll surely fail. Each account has a campaign and getting to know from where your conversions are coming is a plus point as you can invest more in that campaign and make it even more profitable.

Google AdWords conversion tracking can be easily used to track from where your conversions are coming. A conversion can be made by filling out a form, calling a number, buying something, downloading something, watching a video, etc.

AdWords provide a code which will track the conversions. You need to put this code on those pages where the customer will land after completing the task for which you want to count as a conversion. Let’s say you run an eCommerce company and you want to keep track of the conversions. In order to do this you have to put the conversion code on the thank you page, which appears last when the transaction is completed. When a customer reaches the thank you page after clicking, an ad the code then fires a pixel which tells AdWords that a conversion has been made.article_7_1

Click on Tools and then Conversions


Now click on +Conversion


Here you have to select the source of your conversions. The details of the conversion sources are given in the screenshot, hence choose whatever suits you the best.


You need to assign a name to your conversion tracker and then you need to give it a value so that you can see the conversion value in your AdWords account itself. Two options are given. Click on Each time it happens, the conversion has the same value if all of your products are priced at the same value. If you run a website and your products have different prices, then it is wise to use the 2nd option wherein the website returns the conversion value. You can see the different supported platforms to customize the conversion tracking here: Track Transactions


Next is the conversion window where you have to select how long you want to track your conversions. Following that is the category section which you can ignore. After setting up the details, click on save and continue.


You need to copy the code and put it on the thank you page (the page where your customer will land after completing the task you want him or her to complete) You can add it yourself or email it to your website developer to add. Don’t forget to add the value to the code.


For App install tracking you need to go to the conversions page and then click on “Select” under App.


After clicking on select a dialogue box will appear where you have to select if you want to track App Downloads or In-app Actions and then you need to select the app platform.


Similar to the Website conversion details, you have to give details about the worth of each download or you can check the radio which says Don’t assign a value to this download.

In the next row you have to give the link of the app that you want track conversions on. After clicking on save, you are all set.


For Phone Call tracking, click “Select” under the phone calls box.


After clicking on select you’ll see a dialogue box where there will be 3 options. You can select whichever suits you the best. A Google forwarding number is a number which the customers call and the call is then redirected to your phone number. We use a Google forwarding number just to track the number of calls.


The rows are the same as the website conversion setting. Here there is a row for call length where you have to specify the number of seconds after which Google can consider a call as a conversion.

You have to setup the Google Call Forwarding number from the call extension tab.


Here you have to select Call Extensions from the drop down menu and then click on +Extension.


In the next window you have to click on + New Phone number and complete the following steps:


In this screen, you have to select the radio button which says “A Google forwarding phone number.” In this case, Google will assign you a number so when a customer calls on that number it will be redirected to your original phone number which you provide in the first textbox.

Make sure to put a mark on the last checkbox which says count calls as phone call conversions.

For more information on Phone Tracking you can check out an article here: Track calls to a Google forwarding number on a website

For offline conversion tracking you can read an article here: Tracking offline conversions

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