I finished listening to the audio version of Crushing It by Gary Vee, and I would recommend it to any entrepreneur.

The audio version has more content than the print version because it was recorded later.

A lot of the book was based on the success of other people who read his first book.

It is wild to hear how many marketers I know credit Gary as the catalyst for their success.

As entrepreneurs, a lot of what Gary is talking about we should already know.

The real value of the book is about connecting the dots between what you know and applying it.

These are my big takeaways.

I need to spend more time creating and sharing content across multiple channels. I often post great content on one platform but never share it.

It is easy to look at sales on a monthly basis and lose site of the bigger picture.

Starting next week I will be on 6 different weekly podcasts talking about life, business, marketing, sales and email in addition to my 2 existing weekly podcasts.

Next, I am going to connect all my social media channels and have the branding consistent. All the channels will lead back to my email opt in.

Also, Corey Bornmann and I are working on a kickstarter project…more about that later.

If you are looking for an edge in business, I would recommend reading Crushing It by Gary Vee.


Talk soon, Charles Kirkland

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charles kirkland
charles kirkland

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