My email about Dark PPC Ads created chaos.

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Brand bidding is one of the most profitable PPC tactics and it’s nothing new. 

What makes Dark PPC Ads work is excluding the competition’s business address and targeting the surrounding area.

They will be clueless as leads and sales nosedive because when they search in Google they will never see your ads. 

You are showing ads everywhere except their office location.

Because PPC ad spy tools use historical data, it may be months before they realize you are bidding on their brand name.

Most PPC spy tools only capture data from major cities, so depending on your geo and how your ads are set up, they may never know.

So it’s almost impossible to find any data, and when you do it’s months old.

I only know of one ad tool that doesn’t use historical data and allows you to find local data. It’s kind of like having x-ray vision when it comes to Google ads.

Click here to see if this will work for you.

Let me leave you with this tip. 

The fastest way to lose money in PPC is to not daypart your ads. 

If you run your ads all the time, you are wasting money. 

This is also the only tool I know that will show you the dayparting schedule of the competition.

Just having that data will be a huge boost for your PPC ads.

Charles Kirkland

P.S.  You wouldn’t read last month’s newspapers for today’s news so why are you using historical data to make PPC decisions today?  Grab a 7 day free trial to the only PPC software that will show you when to run and pause your ads.