Friday’s email about Amazon Ads really hit a nerve. 

As of now it has 526 Likes just on my fan page alone.

Change is coming at a faster rate than any of us could imagine.

To stay ahead of the competition we need to embrace change or risk being irrelevant like so many other businesses.

Digital personalization is the next big wave in digital marketing and companies like Amazon and eBay have been using it for years.

Digital personalization is about delivering targeted content and experiences in real time by instantly creating a unique experience where every page is tailored to you based on 1st and 3rd party data.

Every client that we have set this up for has seen massive growth virtually overnight.

In the past this type of software was only for enterprise clients, but now any digital marketer has the ability to start using digital personalization in their business.

What’s great is some of the software is 100% free like Google Optimize. Though the personalization feature is still in beta, it is working great for us so far.

Optimizely costs more, but it is designed specifically for e-commerce stores.

One option that I really like is called Right Message by Brennan Dunn.

Look at this example.

One of the fastest ways to win the marketing game is by being more relevant than your competition in the eyes of your users.

In the past we had to create specific landing pages for every single keyword and custom tailor the headline, images and body copy.

That’s a long slow process that’s prone to errors.

But by using Right Message you can have one landing page that dynamically changes based on the ad that was clicked.

If a user clicks on a Facebook or Google ad about “X,” the landing page would dynamically update everything to create a custom landing page about “X.”

But if 30 seconds later someone clicks on an ad for “Y,” the exact same page would change to give them a 100% custom tailored experience about “Y.”

Think about how many variants could be created on the fly.

Because the user experience is tailored to every click, your quality score will go up because people are staying on the page longer.

This helps lower your ad cost, increase conversions and boost your ROI.

Plus, as the user goes past the landing page, the entire site can change based on the original ad that brought them to your site.

A few years ago this was limited to only enterprise businesses with massive budgets and teams of data scientists who could create this level of personalization.

Now smaller businesses have the ability to use it in their own sites for just a faction of what it cost just a few years ago.

End users are now beginning to expect this level of customization on every site they visit.

The only question is are you going to embrace this now and become one of the early adopters or wait until your competition gets a massive head start on you?

This Wednesday I’m hosting our weekly Media Buyer Association training call where I’m going to show our members how to use Right Message to create a competitive advantage with Google and Facebook ads.

If you’re not member, click here to join.

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charles kirkland
charles kirkland

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