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By charles kirkland | Marketing

Feb 23

One of my favorite ways to wrap up each year is to spend Christmas at Disney.

As a kid growing up poor in rural South Carolina I didn’t know anybody who had ever been to Disney until I was about 17.

As you can imagine Disney is one of my favorite places on the planet for personal and business reasons.

Disney has some of the most advanced marketing on the planet.

They understand the customer life-cycle and multi-channel marketing to the nth degree.

It takes a PHD in nuclear physics to understand how they price things.

But here is where it gets interesting. Since Disney introduced the Magic Bands they can track everything from what you eat to where you spend the most time.

Kind of like the book 1985 by George Orwell.

By using that data Disney is able to create a personal experience that matches you.

Now here is where we can apply this to digital marketing.

When I visit your site are you showing me a one-size-fits all re-marketing campaign?

Or do you take the time to show me re-marketing based on my interests?

Would you show me a free report page if I only visited your PPC page?

I hope not.

For re-marketing to be truly effective we have to understand the entire customer lifecycle and create re-marketing segments to match.

Before you create another marketing campaign, spend time to map out the customer lifecycle and make sure your marketing lines up.

Once you have this in place you will be shocked at how effective your ads can be.

They go from being an annoying pest who is cyber-stalking me like a jilted teenage prom queen to a useful adviser who is ready to help.

If you want help creating and mapping out your customer journey and life cycle, let me know.

Charles Kirkland


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