Emails That Convert

By charles kirkland | Contextual Advertising

Oct 29

This week on a client call I was asked, “What kind of emails convert best?”

The client noted that sometimes I send long emails that are designed to educate like my article on how to build a high converting landing page.

Other times I send short, sweet emails just asking for a click.

Other emails are 100% story based like this.

So the big question is: which style converts better?

But I think that’s the wrong question.

Think about this.

You don’t take a Jeep to the Indy 500, and you don’t take an Indy car to a mud rally.

Like each one of these cars has a different use, my email styles are different and are used for different purposes.

I like to switch up email types and that allows me to give value to the largest audience segment.

Just like there is no single best car, food or house.

You have to make sure to mix it up.

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About the Author

Charles is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how. Raised in a working class family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another.