The fastest way to growWhat’s the fastest way to move the needle of an existing business?   A) Create more ads   B) Use new traffic sources   C) Jump on the latest social media platforms   D) Blog your heart out   E) Create a podcast   F) None on the aboveSince you have been on my list awhile, you know the answer is F. None on the above.Marketers often think that being busy equals results. The harder the work, the more results.This mindset was created by an outdated education system that was designed in the industrial age.The more you do, the more you make. It’s a 1 to 1 exchange.But when you apply this to digital marketing it creates a trap that will kill you faster than the token screaming girl at the start of every horror movie.If you already have an existing online business with traffic, you need to focus on optimizing it.Do not run out looking for the next magic bullet traffic source with dirt cheap clicks.Instead, you must optimize what you already have. This will pay dividends down the line.Here’s a short list of things to optimize.Page load time. This can be as simple as installing a plugin. I really like W3 Total Cache. it may require you to upgrade the server. is really a great host. You get what you pay for in the world of hosting. You also get the advantage of using the WP engine content delivery network (CDN) which can make a huge difference in speed.Optimize your images. It’s not uncommon to see clients who are using stock images with huge dimensions and 300 DPI for a thumbnail. Use to fix this problem. Use Google Tag Manager to load and block scripts on certain pages. Is it really necessary to fire every tag in the world every time someone visits? personally use to check how many extra tags I have installed and forget about.Do you have old plugins that are hogging load time? If you don’t need it, turn it off and delete it.Host your landing pages on the fastest platforms you have access to. I have my blog hosted on a cloud server, but my optin pages are on ClickFunnels because they load so much faster. Speed is king. Anything you can do to improve the speed of your site will amplify every click.Do me a favor this weekend and test your site load time on and see how long it takes to load. You might be surprised at your load time. I have time to work with 3 more qualified clients in November. Click the link below and let’s see if you are a good fit. soon,Charles KirklandP.S. Can I help you create a marketing campaign to get you more customers this month?Click here.