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Discover The Truth About Creating Your First Successful Paid Traffic Campaign About This Course – Please Read

You are just minutes away from getting access to the 7 Day Media Buyer Boot Camp video course that will be delivered to your inbox each day for 7 days. This mini course is a detailed step-by-step plan that will allow you to start using paid media successfully. The course will be simple, easy to understand videos that you can watch on your computer or mobile device.



FREE 7-Day Media Boot Camp Mini Course

Module 1: Paid Media 101 – Media Buying Basics In this video you will learn how to take your first steps into the world of media buying. You will discover the pitfalls to watch out for and how to measure your campaign success while defining your target audience. Plus, you will discover why you must start working on a small scale to limit your risk before you ever try to scale up.

Module 2: Picking the Right Traffic Source In this powerful new video you will discover why a large degree of your campaign success is determined by picking a traffic source that is in line with your offer. Since some traffic sources are better suited to different offer types, it is imperative that you get it right from the start.

Module 3: How to Avoid a Campaign Failure It’s one thing to get a campaign set up and running. But the real gains come after you start optimizing your campaigns. Campaign optimizing is something that lots of people talk about, but very few people really do it. If you set it up right from the start, your odds of creating a successful long-term campaign go up exponentially.

Module 4: Tracking Your Campaign Results To have a successful campaign you need to have defined goals from the start. Tracking has to be built into the campaign from day 1 in order to analyze your data and make campaign and ROI adjustments.

Module 5: Scaling Up Your Winning Campaigns In order to reach widespread distribution, you have to scale your campaign beyond your current traffic sources. By testing and tracking you will have the data you need to make decisions based on ROI and reach to scale your campaign to new platforms.

Module 6: Expanding Your ROI with Behavioral Targeting Often you can create a positive ROI on your campaign with behavioral targeting. This type of targeting will allow you to focus your ads on the most qualified prospects and tailor your message to prospect, or MTP, for increased engagement.

Module 7: Media Boot Camp Wrap-Up In this campaign wrap up video we will cover some additional concepts that you can use to measure and track your campaigns over the next 30-90 days.

FREE 7-Day Media Boot Camp Mini Course


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