Frustrated with Facebook and Google?

What I’m about to tell you may shock you, or just make you mad. 

But it’s the truth and it needs to be said.

Paid traffic requires a lot of work.

You need to be willing to invest money without seeing results while you collect the data.

Even if you are committed to making it work, that’s still no guarantee it will.

There are so many variables that impact your success or failure that are beyond your control.

But here is what I want to share with you today.

A lot of campaigns are doomed to fail before the first click ever happens.

Here is my simple checklist to help you hedge your success.

  • Do you have a buyer profile?
  • How detailed is this buyer profile?
  • What kind of offers are the competitors making?
  • What is the big idea behind the product or service?
  • How much risk are you asking a prospect to take?
  • What proof or credibility factors do you have in place?
  • Why should I buy from you over anybody else?
  • What type of guarantee do you have in place?
  • How fast do their sites load?
  • How fast does your site load?
  • What type of ads are they running?
  • Do they use video ads?
  • If so, how many video ads do they have?
  • Where are they buying traffic from and for how long?
  • What networks are they using for remarketing?
  • What is their average monthly paid traffic budget?
  • Are they running long or short form ad copy?
  • Do they have endorsements and testimonials?
  • What kind of images are they using in the creatives?
  • Are they part of any affiliate networks?
  • If so, which ones and how much are they paying for a buyer?
  • What ads have been running the longest in Google and Microsoft?
  • Do you have at least 2 radically different landing pages?
  • Is one landing page a close clone of the competition’s landing page?
  • How many ads are you testing?
  • Are you separating mobile and desktop traffic?
  • Are you separating mobile traffic by device type?
  • If so, which device type converts better?
  • Do you have 3rd party tracking in place?
  • Is Google Analytics tracking working and is it correct?
  • Do you have rules set up in the ad accounts to pause the losing ads?

Review this list before launching because it will dramatically increase your success rate.

Charles Kirkland

P.S. What is the biggest challenge you are facing with paid media?