Google Display Network is a network of websites which are associated with Google Adsense where you can show your ads through Google AdWords. Here you can make different kind of ads like text, image, rich-media, interactive, video ads, etc., as compared to just Text ads in the Google Search network.

You can choose on which websites you want to show your ad, or you can tell Google a theme and Google will place your ads on relevant websites for you.

Why you should use Display Network?
There are typically three goals one can consider while opting for the Google Display Network, which are Brand Awareness, Increase Sales and Drive Loyalty.


There are mainly three types of goals that can be achieved by using GDN namely:

  1. Branding (Brand Awareness)
    The GDN helps you generate awareness by showing your ads to the relevant customers so that they can know about your business and consider your business as an option. The more the people research in your business category, the more important it is for you to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Increase Sales
    The GDN helps you to drive more sales by showing your ads on relevant sites to highly relevant people more often who are looking for the relevant piece of information or product.
  3. Remarketing
    Increase customer loyalty by showing ads to only those people who have visited your website but did not take any action. This can help to remind them of your business so that they can return and buy the product from your website after clicking the ad.

So now, since you are familiar with the goals that you can achieve with the GDN, now lets dive into more details which are required to setup a GDN Campaign.


In order to create a GDN campaign, click on +Campaign and then select Display Network only.


On the next screen, you have to give the campaign a name and select the goal for your GDN Campaign. You can only select one goal for a single campaign.


After selecting the goal you would see the same campaigns settings which we have already been discussed in the Google Search Network Campaign

NOTE: Google will automatically select the bidding strategy for you which will best suit your goal. You can change it at any time, however.


On the next screen, enter the adgroup name and then enter a bid for Viewable CPM (amount which you want to pay to show your ad to 1000 users). Then, enter your landing page address. As soon as you add your landing page URL, Google will analyze it and give ideas for targeting. As you can see in the red rectangle in the screenshot, Google is giving 3 ideas under the Interests and remarketing targeting (we will discuss different targeting methods later on in detail).

This is what you will see if you choose the demographics radio button under the “Choose how to target your ads”. Here you can choose to whom you want to show your ads to. You can select the gender and the age.


If you choose the Interests and remarketing, then you will see a screen somewhat like what is displayed in the screenshot. You can add the interests which Google suggests, or can add your own later on.

The steps are the same if you are setting up the campaign for different goals, except for one or two things, which you will know since we have already explained the Search Network in detail.

We will discuss other targeting methods later on in detail.

We are not going to Create Ads as we have a separate module for Display Ads where we will discuss all the types of ads in more detail.

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