Your parents are OK but there has been a fire, said the nervous voice on the other end of the phone.

That’s how I woke up at 4:21am Tuesday morning.

Monday I went to bed around 9pm because I was totally exhausted and I was hoping to recharge and get an early start on Tuesday.

Often my weekends are more stressful than the work week.

But when the phone rings in the early morning it’s never good news.

Since I live only 5 minutes away from my parents I was at their house in no time.

It is amazing how fast you can wake up when you have an emergency like a fire.

My mind was racing as I rushed like a mad man to their house.

As I turned the last steet to their house all I could see was flashing red and blue lights. 

The street was blocked off and I had to park at the local middle school and run to their house.

Since it was the neighbor who called me I started at their house and found my dad wrapped up in a blanket shaking and my mom just staring.

Before I could get out the door the fire chief stepped inside.

He told everyone to take a deep breath, because my parents were lucky.

Because the police and fire departments got the house quickly they were able to put the fire out and with only minimal damage.

It turns out that the bathroom exhaust fan shorted out setting the attic and bathroom on fire.

Even with minimal damage my parents will still be out of the house for 4-6 weeks while it is being cleaned and repaired.

We live in a world where you have to be prepared for the unexpected in life and business.

COVID has already proven that. 

If you want your business to not only survive but to thrive you need to be ready to respond to changes and emergencies.

IOS14 will have a massive impact on businesses with low sales margins. The margins are so tight that you might not be able to make decisions based on the pixel value.

How IOS 14 will impact your business 1
How IOS14 will impact your business?

The higher priced services do have huge margins and still make money even if they don’t have an accurate picture of the pixel value.

Plus, the higher ticket offers often use a CRM to manage and tag where the leads come from because they have longer and more complex sales cycles.

This might be a good time to start rethinking your business model and how you track sales and profits. 

Google has announced that they are killing cookies and that tracking users down to an individual level is over.

Are you prepared for how IOS 14 will impact your business?