I’m going to let the cat out of the bag on this one.  When I start my iAd campaigns I only target iPads because they always produce the highest ROI for me.


Let’s look at this in some detail.

* iPads are still a luxury item. You still have to spend a decent amount of money to have one. This means that iPad users have some disposable income and will spend it.

* iPads act like laptops since they have a larger screen. Even if my pages are not 100% mobile optimized, they still work fine.

* iPad users aren’t fighting a zillion distractions while driving down the road and talking at the same time. This gives me a better chance to grab their attention and make a sale.

* For people who are scared of computers, iPads are not intimidating. We can reach an entire buying audience that we couldn’t just a few years ago.

When you look at these massive advantages you can see why it’s smarter to start targeting iPads and then scale to iPhones.  To learn more about how you can use Apple iAds© to get inexpensive, high quality traffic for your business, grab my newest course while it’s still in prelaunch.  https://mediabuyer.iljmp.com/1/iAds4

charles kirkland
charles kirkland

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