Hey, this is Charles from the Media Buyer Association. We’ve got an exciting video today about Twitter. Now, we’re going to be talking about hashtags, and how to turn hashtags into our ally. At least we like to hope we can.

Now this is the deal. A lot of marketers either have a lot of success, or they tell me we’re struggling with Twitter. We can’t quite get that traction. This is for the guys who tell me they can’t quite get the traction they need.

Now, Twitter gives you the ability to have different types of Tweets. You can do sponsored Tweets. You can go after people. You can like say, Hey target people- I want to target Bob. Let’s just say I want to target Bob Jenkins, or whatever. That’s great.

Or we can target down to the hashtag level, which I’m really more excited about, because you know, I could like Bob and Jim and about 50,000 other people, but when I’m tweeting using a hashtag, it’s saying I have a direct interest right now with Twitter. Because how do we use Twitter? It’s like in short segments of less than 200 characters. You need to make it quick, concise.

We’re consuming things really fast. We’re in that fast consumption society. And there again, I may like Bob, but I’ve got 50,000 other things on my mind. I’m using a hashtag right now that means it’s relevant for this second. And relevancy is how we make things work.

Now, with that said, start targeting hashtags – If people put out, let’s just say we’ve got a brand new lipstick. It will give you bigger, plumper, juicier lips, just the perfect shade of red. Would you want to target maybe – who would you want to target? I don’t know. We’ve got like 3 billion people, not all of them on Twitter that are female. Why don’t we start targeting hashtags – maybe Mac cosmetics; maybe L’Oreal; maybe Ulta – you can tell, I go there a lot – Ulta Beauty Supply. It’s a place women might go.

We also have the ability to target things of that nature, because we can target things that are happening right now. Maybe you have- all of your people are at a convention. Maybe there’s a huge convention. Guess what? Could you start targeting using hashtag at that convention, because you know they’re all there and while they’re at that convention, they’re using a hashtag – maybe Email Marketing World 2017, who knows?

With that said, start using hashtags in your Twitter campaigns – you’ll be amazed at the results.

Anyway, this is Charles. Talk to you later. By the way, if you’re haven’t joined the Media Buyer Association, click the link below. Join for free. Get a free associate’s account. Anyway, this is Charles. Talk to you later.

charles kirkland
charles kirkland

Charles is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how. Raised in a working class family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another.