Till now you know about the account setup and keyword research and I hope that you would have your Keywords list ready by now. In this Checklist we’ll tell you on how to keep your AdGroups tightly themed with relevant keywords.

The first step is to have some Raw data in an Excel sheet.

1 image

You can just download the image to have a better look.

As you see that it is a raw data that is taken out from the Keyword Planner tool though we have made different columns for different seed keywords. For example the first column contains keyword related to just “Hypothyroidism”, the second column contains keywords related to “High Cholesterol” and so on. Each and every column will make a campaign and when we separate relevant keywords into groups they’ll serve as ad groups to those campaigns.

The next step is to copy a column and paste it in a new sheet.

2 image

You can see that we’ve chosen the first column. Now our job is to segregate these keywords into several relevant groups so that we can make different adgroups from those groups. For segregating the keywords we will be using the filter feature of Excel.

3 image

As we can see that the first term is “Diet for Hypothyroidism” so we will filter out all the keywords that have diet in them and make an AdGroup named “Diet”.

First of all you need to select the column and then click on Data and then on Filter as shown in the screenshot. A dialogue box will appear which is shown in the next screenshot.

4 image

Just put in the keyword by which you want to filter the column with. You can even make combinations with “And” and “Or”.

5 image

As you can see that all the keywords containing “Diet” are filtered out. Now we will copy this to another sheet and make a separate AdGroup.

Next we make a filter for the word Treatment and get all those keywords which have Treatment in it.

6 image

We’ll also copy these keywords and past them into the separate sheet where we pasted the Diet keywords. Similarly we’ll make different AdGroups containing all the relevant keywords and at the end we’ll get something like this:

7 image

As you can see the one in the yellow color is the name of the Campaign and the one in the green color are the AdGroups and below them are the keywords that are to be added in the account. Keeping everything like this helps you to add all this information to account easily.

Structuring your AdGroups will help you get High quality Scores and less CPC’s therefore its always better to tightly them your AdGroup. These Excel sheets will be really helpful later on when we discuss the AdWords Editor which is used for Bulk Changes.

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