Hey, this is Charles Kirkland from the Media Buyer Association. If you’re getting any kind of leads, you’re going to really enjoy this video. If you’re not doing any lead generation, well, you’re going to be out of business, so it doesn’t make much difference.

Now, were going to be using Charles Math. Charles Math is different from any other math you find, because everything I do leads in, and you know, it takes just $3.00 to get leads, and everything is a nice even number.

And we have a $3,000 per day budget. And that gives us 1,000 leads per day. Charles Math, all of it’s even. You know, it’s like when you go to the gas pump. You always get like, whatever amount in gas. I think whenever I get gas it’s always $59 even, because, you know, we have to have Charles Math.

Now, okay we’ve got 1,000 leads coming into our business per day. Hooray. It looks great on the bottom of a spreadsheet. We can reference this to the next meeting. We’ve got 1,000 leads per day. Great. Out of this 1,000 leads, just say that we’re closing 10 people who are ready to buy today. Right now, ten people ready to pull the trigger. I mean, they’re like, hey, just take my credit card. Skip the free trial. I’m ready to buy now. I like those.

Then we’ve got 100 people, using Charles Math, who, over the next 30 days we can move into this buying circle, which is exciting. Then we’ve got 890 people here, which are just taking up oxygen, and they’re [leads – 01:21] and they’re probably qualified, and we’re struggling to get these people to buy anything at all over the next 2,358 days.

But, you know, we got 890 leads per day coming in – not buying anything. Now one of the things I often find as we have these imaginary lead costs. The thing you need to factor in, out of these 890 leads, just saying here, are you using lead scoring? Are they still opening your email after one day, seven days, 30 days, 15 days? Are they even picking up the phone when you give them a call? You need to really factor that into the cost per, let’s just say, semi-responsive lead.

Also, look, what does it cost you to get these 100 people who are like, in the next 30 days, going to become customers? And what does it cost to get you the 10 people that are ready to buy today? Quite often when you factor these in, these 10 people, you know, they may cost more. These 100 people might have cost a little bit.

These 890 people, eh, you know, they’re kind of below our average is, which is averages out to $3.00 per lead. You need to find out where these leads are coming from using lead scoring, lead tracking. And find out where they come from and how you can get more of them. And, you know, spend less time with this 890. Because I think, what looks better on a spreadsheet is revenue and profit, not leads. So, keep that in mind. Use lead scoring to find out who that avatar is, where they’re from, how you can get more of them.

Let’s look at the second problem. We’ve still got these 890 warm bodies. Now you’ll say, Charles, you cannot refer to leads as warm bodies. They don’t answer your email. They don’t open your- they won’t reply to email, won’t even reply to your phone calls, won’t reply to your messages. I’m not sure what we should call them – maybe semi-interested prospects. Your job is to accelerate the semi-interested prospects into buyers.

Okay. You say, but Charles our sales process is like a fine wine. Nobody buys before their time. That’s great. I like that. Okay. Let’s skip ahead. You know, this is not 1999. This is 2015. How can we accelerate this?

Quite often when you look at your sales cycle, your 890 people per day of coming in, they’re getting emails. We have a 30-day auto-responder sequence. When they click on this, we have a sales rep give them a call. That’s great. I like that idea.

How about this? Does everybody learn the same way? Of course not, some people are readers, some people like info graphics, some people like webinars, some people like teleseminars, some people like face-to-face Google Hangouts. Hmm. But how are you marketing to these 890 people per day? Email only.

It could be a problem – just saying. I don’t know. How can we accelerate the process? Well, if you’ve got the phone number, say, Hey we’ve got a special webinar Bob. Would you like to show up for it? It’s Tuesday at 3pm. And we also have one at 9pm, in case you can’t make it during the day. Bob likes webinars. He will jump on the webinar. And maybe this could get him to join the coveted circle of buyers, or at least accelerate him from the 890 warm bodies to the 100, who are ready to buy in 30 days.

Maybe, you know, you can use a webinar to better explain your proposition. Or, teleseminars, which I know are like way old school. You’d be amazed how many people can walk around with an ear bud in, iPhone in the pocket, listening to a teleseminar, who would never be able to take an hour out of their day to watch a webinar. Hmm. Interesting.

Could you send Bob an email that says, Hey would you like to be on a teleseminar? Oh by the way, we have it at 3pm and 9pm, just to make it more convenient for you. And you say, but Charles you can’t have it live both times. You’re right. Both of them should be on replays anyway. You should know how to do that up. If you don’t know how to do it, let us know. We’ll at least tell you how it’s done.

The key is you need to accelerate this. Maybe you need to send info graphics. Maybe you need to start looking at, if they’re highly qualified, maybe you send them a direct mail, give them a phone call. You need to accelerate this 890 people into this. And you need to use it through using multiple modalities.

So anyway, multiple modalities to these 890 people and guess what, do more lead scoring to find out where these leads came from – convert them into sales faster. Start having a bigger impact on the bottom line.

Hope you enjoyed it. Give me some feedback. This is Charles. Talk to you later.

charles kirkland
charles kirkland

Charles is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how. Raised in a working class family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another.