I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s video about the 5 types of display ads that get the most buyer clicks.


The response has been amazing.

But one of the biggest questions is what if I’m struggling? Should I try Google Display ads?

The answer is YES.

Traffic is based on supply and demand.

FaceBook is in high demand so the price per click shuts out a lot of marketers who just don’t have deep pockets and can’t go negative for weeks.

Google on the other hand can’t even sell all the traffic they have.

Since they have a massive supply and a lower demand on the Google Display Network, clicks are still cheap.

Unlike FaceBook, Google Display Network has a boatload of targeting options that exceeds what FaceBook can offer.

Monday I hosted the first Google Display Network class for paid MBA members and today is the live Q&A call at 2PM EST.

Click here to join the MBA and make sure you hop on the live Q&A call or catch the replay in the members area.



Talk soon,
Charles Kirkland