How do billionaires think?I have a friend who is hyper-connected to some of the smartest minds in the world.One of the biggest things he has taught me is this: Billionaires work very hard, and they think differently than other people.For them, it’s about leverage. Where do they get the biggest gains with the least amount of work?Where can they compound these gains to create bigger and bigger wins?Let’s apply that mindset to paid traffic.There are a lot of places to get leverage, but where do you get the biggest gains?The answer is landing pages.Landing pages that convert create massive leverage.An average landing page might convert at 20% or less.A good landing page should convert 40% or more of your cold traffic into leads.Imagine spending the exact same amount of money as you are now but get double the leads. That alone could double your business.That’s just one leverage point landing pages can create.I’m creating a new course on how to create landing pages that convert and I would love to know your biggest questions about landing pages.Reply and let me know.