00:33 Introduction
01:05 Michal Witkowski’s story
05:00 Michal talks about success
08:08 Two projects
09:01 Fiver days
10:30 Hired full time virtual assistant
11:37 Common everyday tactics
13:40 It is exciting to corner a market
14:15 Go find someone who already has a business and go help them
15:30 Internet marketing
16:05 How to build a business with this information
17:10 Trying to drive traffic
18:00 How to talk about the problem and not the product
19:40 Do not focus on showing them just the money
22:00 We will fix your problems
23:30 CPC
24:14 One time buyer is buyer
25:08 People in student’s country do not want to use credit card
26:10 Gave people option to buy upfront
28:30 Do focus on monthly rev
29:00 If you do not have monthly retention, you do not have a business
31:00 Focus on end result
33:30 Focus on leads from customers
36:12 Clients with money in hand are most important
36:40 Book of everything you would need to invest
37:00 Student got idea from teacher
39:00 We will always change value of money
40:40 It you have money, you have freedom
41:13 If you are willing to fix people’s problems they will pay money
42:05 Older people are the target because they don’t know this stuff already
43:22 People fail because they try to become the business or be the business
44:00 People deep in the material are unable to see the big picture
45:00 FBR Robart
46:00 The most of your traffic come in within the first hour, then it trickles off
47:15 The more opportunity to make money, the more you will make
49:10 Societys for investors
49:40 Email Drops
50:30 Warming up leads
51:21 More about Michal

charles kirkland
charles kirkland

Charles is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how. Raised in a working class family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another.