Would it surprise you to know that I have a low-rider?

I’m sure you wonder what in the world my low-rider car has to do with digital marketing, but stay with me. It will make perfect sense and will make you a better marketer.

Did you know that 49-year-old Charles who’s super clean-cut and could be a stand-in for the “Leave It To Beaver” dad rolls around in a low-rider with jet black tinted windows?

Here are 4 reasons I drive a low-rider with blacked-out windows.

  1. The lower the car, the easier it is for my dog to jump in and out.
  2. My golden retriever doesn’t wear sunglasses so the windows are tinted jet black.
  3. As a teenager coming into adulthood in the late 80s and early 90s I think low-riders are cool.
  4. It is a massive pattern interrupt when I open the door and the dad from “Leave It To Beaver” jumps out. It is a great conversation starter as well.

Let’s look at #4 in more detail.

My personal image and car create an inconsistent image. As a side note: I like cars that are big, fast, and loud.

Most digital marketers using omni-channel campaigns have the exact same problem.

Consumers are expecting to have a smooth and consistent experience across all marketing channels.

How many times have you seen ads promoting sales and discounts that were non-existent or expired?

Or advertisements and content that contain no branding consistency across platforms? Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, search, and display advertising need to have the same look and feel.

Often the experience from an ad to a website leaves you second-guessing whether you even landed on the correct site.

Inconsistent branding, marketing, messages, and experiences do a great job of confusing the customer.

We all know confused minds don’t buy.

This is the equivalent of going to a five-star restaurant and the waiter comes out with a Big Mac & salty fries.

Branded websites have higher conversions than their non-branded competitors.

That’s why bigger brands almost always outperform non-branded sites.

You have to take a different approach.

  • Create brand guidelines and make sure everybody follows them.
  • Create a marketing plan and calendar and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Create everything around a unified customer experience from the start.
  • Focus on winning market share in one area at a time or risk spreading your budget too thin.
  • Expand your offers and enjoy the benefits of the brand lift.
  • Keep repeating until you own a larger percentage of market share.

When you have a recognized brand it is a competitive edge that results in higher conversions, larger average order values, and more repeat sales.

I want to challenge you to review your own marketing and look at ways to improve.

  • Where are you inconsistent with your marketing?
  • How can it be improved so you create a lift in conversions for your brand?
  • Are your social media and digital marketing aligned?
  • Is the customer experience creating lifelong fans or repelling your highest value customers?

You will be shocked when you audit yourself.

I was shocked to see how many areas I could improve with my own marketing.

And as a side note, I do think my low-rider and personal image are 100% congruent.

My wife tells me I’m anything but subtle and couldn’t blend in if my life depended on it.

Like last Christmas, I was teaching children’s church wearing a bright red Hawaiian shirt with surfing Santas on it while sporting a deep tan.

And NO, I am not getting rid of my car anytime soon.

Charles Kirkland

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