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Module 1: News Feed Profits

How to create high converting native ads in FaceBook without getting banned…most people get in trouble with FaceBook because of the type of ad they create.

The simple native ad headline formula that will have your prospects clicking your ads like crazy.

How to custom tailor your native ads to appeal to your perfect buying segment so you get more sales from fewer clicks.

The simple “sniff test” you have to give your offers to see if they will pass with FaceBook or risk getting your account shut down.

Why you must market to desktop and mobile traffic very differently and how to segment each group for the highest ROI.

Discover the one thing you must do if you want to figure out what ad is giving you the highest ROI and how to scale up for maximum profits.

How to get more leads that convert into buyers by not using a normal squeeze page.

How to scale your native ads in FaceBook to triple your traffic volume in 48 hours.

How to set up native ads the right way using the FaceBook Power Editor so you can test your way to profits.

Watch over my shoulder as I set up a campaign from start to finish showing you everything you need to know to create a successful campaign.

Module 2: Twitter Power Traffic

How to create tweets that people will share and retweet bringing you free traffic, leads, and sales.

How the Twitter native ad platform is different from FaceBook and why this is a great thing for smart marketers.

How to track your stats with a free simple tracking tool.

Discover how to find and target the perfect prospects using Twitter’s free targeting tools.

Find out how to get the cheap Twitter traffic that out converts even the premium traffic other people sell.

How to scale your Twitter ads to reach 100,000 people per day in 24 hours.

Module 3: LinkedIN Domination

Discover why LinkedIN is the biggest goldmine of high income business professionals in the world, and this is perfect if you offer any type of coaching or business services.

How to drive the highest quality leads straight to your landing pages without worrying about getting slapped.

What you have to do if you want to reduce your lead cost while scaling your campaigns.

Discover how to set up a campaign from start to finish on LinkedIN and how to scale it for maximum profits.

Module 4: Outbrain Traffic Method

Why Outbrain is one of the fastest growing content discovery platforms and how they can give you 10,000 clicks a day.

How to use the Outbrain Cost Per Click model to make sure you never waste a ton of money and have nothing to show for it.

Find out how to create the right kind of ad and landing page to work with Outbrain traffic.

Module 5: Fast Track Profits

Discover how to set up tracking the simple and easy way, so you never waste money on a non-converting campaign again.

Learn how to split test the right way, so you can see which pages are getting you the most opt-ins and which page is making the most sales.

Learn how to track every click through the entire funnel using a few simple tweaks.

Discover how to identify the exact ad making you the biggest ROI and creating the most buyers then scale up the profits with a few simple clicks.

Module 6: Live Q&A Workshop

Join Charles for a live group coaching session to get all your traffic questions answered.


Grab my personal swipe file of the 200 best native ad headlines so you can just copy and paste your way to high conversions.

When you order today you will also get my advanced funnel creator software. This software will create the survey pages, offer pages, optin page, and follow up pages for you.

In this 45 minute video you will learn how to set up Adroll and Perfect Audience retargeting so you can bring back lost visitors and turn them into leads and sales.

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Take Action Before This Offer Expires