It was 100% my fault with the video sound.

When your phone rings at midnight it’s never good.

At 11:56 PM my phone started buzzing and I already knew who it was before I ever looked at the number.

My mom was crying trying to explain why the EMS was taking my dad to the hospital less than 24 hours after he came home.

I already had my laptop and clothes waiting by the bed since I was expecting the call. So I  rushed to be with my dad as fast as I could. 

My body was already running on empty and last night I knew there would be no rest for me. 

Then today in my sleep-deprived state I decided to send everybody a bonus training video.

No sound on the video 2

I’m all about sharing goodwill and I really think this bonus training video will help a lot of my readers. Right after I sent it, I fell asleep from exhaustion.

Sleeping in a hospital chair is a one-way ticket to needing a chiropractor.

After waking up I discovered the video that I embedded from Vimeo has something wrong with the audio control. Or in other words, it has no sound. 

Sorry about that mess up.  Since I have no clue how to fix it, I grabbed the YouTube embed code and replaced the video. 

It’s working now, so make sure you watch it.

Talk soon,Charles Kirkland