What I’m telling you is a 100% true story. 

My wife is convinced I should’ve been a superhero because I have the power of the flying monkey wrench. Plus, chaos and confusion are my shadows.  

Crazy things happen in my family at a much higher rate than most other families.

For the past two weeks my son and I have been in the process of trying to catch some critter that has been tearing up the yard. 

We borrowed a trap designed for small game, and we have been moving it around the yard in an attempt to catch this mysterious creature of the night.

Last night around 11PM all of our hard work paid off. 

Alex came into the bedroom to let me know he heard the trap go off. 

Just like a kid on Christmas morning I jumped out of bed and threw on clothes in one single motion. 

I grabbed my old, beat up MagLite — the old style MagLite that also doubles as a defense weapon – that I have had since I was 18. 

We went running out the house talking about what we might have caught.

As we came around the corner we saw the biggest armadillo I’ve ever seen in my life sitting in the trap.

This thing was so big I’m not even sure how he got in.  It was massive.

Now here is where things start going off the rails and chaos and confusion strike.

Let me put a picture of the trap below so you can see that there’s a fundamental design flaw in the design.

To open the trap you have to put your hand in front of where this thing would walk out. 

This is only the third live armadillo I’ve ever seen in my life. When I see them they are always dead on the side of the road. So in my mind they are big, slow-moving, somewhat docile creatures that curl up in a ball.

We proceeded to work out the details of freeing the docile armadillo. 

Since my major fears in life are needles and lightning, I didn’t give much thought to freeing a  docile armadillo.

In my mind it seemed relatively safe to flip the trap on its end, open the trap door, and use zip ties to hold the trap door open. 

I could then place the trap on the ground and let the slow moving armadillo walk to freedom.

With the trap flipped on its end I thought I would be safe. 

The moment the door opened this docile and harmless armadillo fired off its rockets and shot out the trap with my hand in the way! 

As it touched my hand I jumped backwards and fell over the DirecTV satellite dish that got knocked down during a hurricane. 

Next thing I know I’m flat on my back all scraped up by a rusty satellite dish as my son keeps the light on the rocked powered armadillo. We both watched it run into the woods and we started laughing at how this catch-and-release did not turn out as planned.

Needless to say this is one father son experience we will never forget! 

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Charles Kirkland

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