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Dear Entrepreneur,Are you frustrated by the amount of work you put into your business and yet growth is stalled?Are you fed up with the generic advice from people who never did anything other than writing an academic book about theories on how you should grow your business?It’s time to let go and start using some battle-tested strategies that have been proven to work in over 55 different niches to the tune of over a 100 million dollars in combined revenue.These are the same strategies we deployed in our own business and for high-end clients to help them unlock all the hidden resources they currently have but just didn’t know how to maximize.The best part is we’ve done this by helping our clients work less and focus on the strategies to give them the biggest breakthroughs in the least amount of time.I’m sure this is hard to believe. We’re so confident that we can get you results if your are the right business that we will invest in you with a $497 Rapid Opportunity Audit to help you unlock at least $25,000 of value. But to qualify you have to be the right person.

We Are Not Right For Everybody

Here is who we can help.1) Must have revenues exceeding $500k a year2) Must have been in business 3+ years3) Must deliver a world class product/service

Here is who we can’t help.1) Startups2) “Sell your soul for a buck” entrepreneurs3) Know-it-alls who can tell you everything but have never done any of it.

Are You Doing The Right Things But In The Wrong Order

The problem most business owners have is they focus on trying to do more instead of the things that actually move the needle in business. The shocking truth is some of the most successful entrepreneurs spend the least amount of time in their business.

Here are the three things we’re going to uncover with you:

Identify Growth Opportunities – See where you’re leaking profits and how to capture immediate improvement.

Create a Self-Growing Business – Build a business that grows month-after-month without it being dependent on you to thrive.

Improve Your Sales Funnel – From start to finish, know how to find and convert more leads to sales – and keep them coming back for more.

Learn how to eliminate peaks and valleys with a customized approach for ever-increasing predictable profits.

Yes! I Want A See If I Qualify For The Rapid Opportunity Audit For My Business.

Getting to the next million in revenue is not about doing more of the same. Unfortunately, what got you to this point will not take you to the next level.What you need is a system for generating pre-qualified leads and more consistent sales. Until that is in place and running like a Ferrari everything else you do isn’t going to move the needle near as fast as this one thing.

Step 1 – Answer three simple questions and we’ll be able to see why you’re not growing as fast as you like and what’s keeping you stuck at your current level.Step 2 – Together we’ll review the Rapid Business Audit and look for hidden opportunities that 99% of entrepreneurs overlook and show you how to add at least $25,000 in additional revenue to your existing business.Step 3 – We will also look at ways that we can double your business in the next 12 months and what would have to be in place to make that happen.

More importantly, our goal is to give you so much value that you’ll clearly see why it’s a win-win to continue to work with us. Because we’re careful only to accept clients we know we can help, you’re uniquely guaranteed to experience a positive ROI working with us.

Why You Should Work With Us

What Makes Predictable Profits So Different?Our “predictable business strategies” are the direct result of decades of research, investment and hands-on experience that’s generated millions of dollars for many of America’s most successful agencies, firms and other client-based entrepreneurs.Each strategy has the potential to eliminate the revenue roller coaster and immediately boost your profits by 50% or more. Use them together, and the cumulative effect can be worth 100%, 200%, sometimes even 400% or more in increased profits.

Charles Gaudet – Founder of Predictable Profits

Take Your Company To The Next Million In Revenue

We are small business growth consultants for agencies and high-performing entrepreneurs looking to multiply their leads, sales, and profits while scaling a business that’s not dependent on you to grow.

Claim Your No-obligation, Free 15-minute Strategy Session Now And See If You Qualify

WARNING: Because the amount of value we provide up front, we have a limited number of spots that we can give away each month.This is for business owners who are in the service or professional service area and who are stuck trying to get to the next level. We only work with high performance business owners who are action takers.If you’re not ready for that, please don’t waste our time.

Who Is This Strategy Session For?

IMPORTANT: We’re giving away over $500 worth of our resources and time for this session, so to be 100% transparent, it’s not for everyone.To qualify for the Rapid Opportunity Audit you must meet these requirements:

  • Business owners who want to increase revenue and generate stronger cash flow with better quality leads.
  • Business owners who want to accelerate their growth, increase marketing share and growth, and dominate their market.
  • Business owners who want to consistently and predictably grow their bottom line with high quality leads that turn into clients.
  • Business owners who want to better manage their lead flow for their sales team.
  • Business owners with revenues exceeding $500k a year.
  • Businesses that have been operating for 3+ years.
  • Business owners who deliver a world class product/service.

If You Made The Cut, Congratulations!

If you are a business owner who is serious about success and are willing to invest in growing your business, then here’s what to do next:First, enter your contact info below and complete the short, simple application. This will allow us to understand your unique situation better so we can tailor your growth plan.After you apply below you’ll get the next steps to secure your spot.

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