Step #1 Watch the 5 Success Pillars Of A Scalable Business

  1. What is the #1 thing that the top 1% of business owners have in common that you must start using…this is how they are able to grow year after year while taking more time off to enjoy their success.
  2. How to break free from one-on-one client work and learn how to create scalable high-ticket signature programs that produces the same end results for your clients but takes less time for you.
  3. The 2 most important factors in getting a consistent flow of high-quality clients that’ll give you an unfair advantage in your niche…because it will allow you to get paid more while working with fewer clients.
  4. How guilt and hesitation hold you back from charging what you are worth and how to overcome it.
  5. How to develop the unshakeable confidence that comes from having clarity about your position and messageso you can attract clients who seek you out and gladly pay your fees.
  6. The three pricing mistakes that almost all agency owners make that repel clients (this could be costing you a king’s ransom without you even knowing it).
  7. An easy and effective way to make sales…without having to act “salesy” and without having to resort to making any hypey claims (like everyone else does).

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Leads Clients Profits is your daily podcast for growth oriented business owners who are looking to work less, get more done, be more productive, and balance work and personal life. Charles wants to inspire you with practical advice and tips to take action and achieve the success you deserve. Each episode is designed to give you an inside look into the mind of a successful business owner.

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