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By charles kirkland | Traffic

Oct 11

In the words of the famous rapper Eminem “We’re in a state of 911.

Facebook is about to release the next wave of slaps that will make the old Google slaps look like Pee Wee Herman taking on Hulk Hogan in a WWE smackdown.

It’s just not going to be pretty.

I’m looking forward to them cleaning house because it will weed out some of the weaker marketers who aren’t as savvy as us.

This will open up a brand-new inventory of traffic that is currently being bought up by novices who aren’t tracking ROI and just driving up click costs.

But this also represents a 2 edged sword.

It's a sure sign that market sophistication is going up fast.

The days of creating a money making niche site in a few hours has come to an end.

Now we need to create a real business while we still have time.

Let’s face it.

If your homepage is just an unbranded generic squeeze page, you’ll miss a lot of the higher end buyers who don’t go around giving their real personal email address to just anybody.

All too often these unbranded squeeze pages contain vague copy that ends up attracting low quality leads.

Unfortunately, these unbranded and low-quality squeeze pages have a higher optin rate but a much lower lead-to-sale conversion rate.

They attract the wrong kind of prospects and are typically newbies who are ready to badmouth you the minute your product doesn’t create 2 dozen rainbow colored unicorns and large sums of unmarked bills in the next 30 days.

Don’t believe me?

Go check the last negative review you got.

It’s most likely the person who bought the cheapest thing you sell.

No, I didn’t say to get rid of squeeze pages in any way, shape or form!

I’m saying that we need to start creating higher-quality squeeze pages that will woo the right prospect by clearly showing them the value that we can provide in exchange for their real name and email.

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