Where do super affiliates go for traffic?

Do they have a secret traffic source only they know about?

Or could they be using the exact same traffic sources as everyone else?


It would be easy enough to create some crazy conspiracy about how they don’t want you to know where they get traffic because if you know you wouldn’t have to buy their products anymore.

While it sounds great, the truth is that they use the exact same sources as everybody else.

But they use it differently than most struggling marketers.

See, while most marketers look at Google Display as something to avoid like the plague, super affiliates look at it like a gold mine.

We have all seen those public notice banners because Google Display has so much traffic that they can’t even sell it.

If the Google Display Network has so much traffic, why isn’t every marketer on the planet using it?

Simple, it’s easier to sell something new and exciting than something older that works.

We have been conditioned as a society to always buy the new and improved product.

Billions are spent each year to convince you that new is good and old is bad.

The same thing applies to online marketing.

Because I’m sick and tired of seeing marketers running to social media and wasting money slugging it out with everybody else, I decided to host a 6 week Google Display Network training class for paid MBA members.

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