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1.Google Adwords:
Adwords is the premier advertising product of Google which is responsible for most of their revenue ñ In 2010 alone, revenues were $28 Billion :0

Google Adwords is a PPC (pay-per-click) engine meaning you only pay when someone actually clicks your ad. The opposite (and more traditional) of this is CPM advertising, where you pay a certain rate regardless of how many clicks you get.
There are TWO sides to Google Adwords ñ The Search Network and The Content Network.

MSN Adcenter is Microsoftís flagship search advertising product which is similar to Google Adwords. It too, is a PPC engine where you are only charged for actual clicks as opposed to paying a certain rate for your advertising.
MSN Adcenter also has a search network and content network, although the content network on MSN is vastly smaller than Googleís.

3.Miva :
Miva Merchant offers a complete e-commerce solution consisting of PA-DSS validated ecommerce software, PCI compliant ecommerce hosting, credit card processing services and custom website design & development.

4.7Search :
If you are struggling getting profitable on your PPC traffic source, try a smaller network like 7Search

5.LookSmart :
self serve search/contextual text ads
LookSmart is an online advertising and technology company that provides premium and performance advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers.
LookSmart offers an unparalleled customer experience to advertisers of any size budget, offering them extensive reach into audiences through a monitored distribution network, maximizing ROI. LookSmart offers publishers hosted, white label ad serving technology to command and control their advertising revenue.

7.Affinity ñ
search, parked pages, text ads ñ good 2nd tier inventory
Affinity is a contextual advertising company that delivers over 30 Billion ad impressions each month from North America, Western Europe, Middle East, India, South-East Asia & Australia.

8.Marchex :
IndustryBrains is a leading performance advertising media company that uses keyword search and relevant editorial targeting to achieve superior advertising results for marketers.

adMarketplace is the largest search advertising marketplace outside of Google and Yahoo. Named one of New York’s fastest growing companies for two years running, adMarketplace delivers performance traffic to large, data-savvy marketers and their agencies. The Advertiser 3D interface is the only pay-per-click platform that allows advertisers to bid by individual traffic source and device type.

10.FindItQuick :
With FinditQuick, you can achieve greater exposure for your business with our large traffic network. We will reach every corner of the internet for you to get you the results you need.

Self-Serve Social

1.Facebook Ads:
Self Serve Ads on Facebook

2.POF Ads:
Self Serve Ads on PlentyOfFish
Promote your business on Plentyoffish! The top users of our ad system have increased their revenues by over $500,000 a month by taking advantage of our targeting capabilities. Many business owners target local consumers based on zip code, age, gender, education, profession etc.

3.Reddit Ads:
self serve direct ads on
Get your message to millions of viewers, Target viewers on what THEY are interested in, not what their demographic is,Use text, images, and video in your ads.

4.LinkedIn Ads:
Connect with the world’s largest audience of active, influential professionals. Launch your campaign in minutes.
LinkedIn is our most cost-effective online marketing channel.Good for B2B


1.Traffic Vance:
Trafficvance is the leading Contextual Textlink and Display Advertising Platform. It delivers high quality traffic to advertisers through a winning combination of high performing ad units, granular targeting, competitive pricing, and multiple optimization capabilities.

2.AdOnNetwork :
AdOn Network is a premier online Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising company that provides innovative contextual and audience based advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers and delivers high-quality traffic from U.S. and international sources

3.MediaTraffic :
CPV Contextual Advertising
Get Targeted Domestic and International Traffic with MediaTraffic CPV Contextual Advertising.
MediaTraffic offers 3 ways to buy targeted traffic and drive quality visitors to your website: Highly Targeted, Broad Targeted and RON (run of network).

4.Direct CPV :
Try something different with DirectCPV, the leading online CPV and PPV advertising network that delivers the highest converting results and increases ROI for all advertisers. Extend your reach by targeting relevant keywords, URLS, locations and channels to ignite your income and generate higher conversions.

5.Clicksor :
Clicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn additional income by using a selection of clickable text or targeted contextual banners on their websites or blogs.
Our contextual advertising ensures advertisers that the most relevant ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time to significantly increase return on investment.

6.Findology :
Findology’s Pay-Per-Click Search Network offers valuable marketing solutions paired with individualized customer service to reach your advertising goals.
CPView is a direct navigation advertising platform that delivers self-qualified consumers to advertiser websites when they show the most interest in the product or service.

Self-Serve Media Buys & Ad Networks

1.AdBlade :
Put an end to disappointing campaign results with Adblade, the worldís only ultra-premium ad network. With premium inventory from over 1,000 branded content sites, reaching over 200 million unique users in the US each month, you can target best prospects at scale.

2.AdSonar :
text ads on AOL. the text ad version of AOL AdDesk
The sponsored listings program is a content-targeted advertising network of the web’s best sites. Our technology connects publishers and advertisers through an auction-based, pay-per-click marketing platform. :
banners on high traffic sites
SiteScout is the leading self-serve ad platform for marketing professionals and agencies.

5.AdReady :
display ads/self serve banners on yahoo sites.

6.Yabuka :
Yabuka provides advertisers with the perfect medium to engage audiences via Sponsored Listing placements on premium publishers and Display advertising utilizing custom RTB technology in connection with the best traffic partners. Yabukaís self-service platform gives advertisers innovative tools to promote success for their campaignís unique goals :
now owned by Clickbooth ñ banners/display/text ads.

8.CBS Interactive :
Media buys on very high traffic CBS site inventoryEnticing brands. An engaged audience. Advertising programs that make the connection.

media buying search/display exchange. great place to do retargeting campaigns :
You face countless options in digital media planning and buying, and TRAFFIQ strives to simplify them by providing optimal media solutions and strategies to accomplish your business goals. As a leader in the constantly evolving space, we are determined to demystify digital media by staying abreast of these ever-changing dynamics. Because we were born from technology, we are uniquely positioned to keep our finger on the pulse of the digital universe. With creative thinking, a strategic approach, and a focus on in-depth analytics, we achieve your desired results. :
Display/retargeting/facebook ad exchange

13.OpenX Ad Marketplace :
OpenX Ad Exchange Maximizes Revenue through Real-time Auctions
OpenX Ad Exchange helps ad buyers reach their ideal audiences so you can maximize their campaign performance ñ across all screens.

AdEngage is an online advertising network that allows advertisers to buy ads.
Advertisers benefit by being able to target consumers with relevant text, PhoText, banner and rich media ads at scale. In addition, with detailed, real time reporting, you know where your ads are shown and how much each segment costs you, so you can maximize your profits. :
ZEDO Ad Network solely focuses on Behaviorally Targeted advertising. Behavioral targeting is a way to identify users that would be interested in your product. ZEDO Ad Network is the only network that sells only this type of targeting.

With Adperium Direct Ads you can start your campaign within a minute. Upload your banner, select the countries you want to target, enter a budget and you’re ready to go! :
self-serve banners on many quality sites

18.BuySellAds :
Self serve banners on a range of design blogs.BuySellAds help advertisers buy quality, guaranteed inventory directly from publishers. No middle man. Fully Transparent. Self-serve.

19.BlogAds :
banners/text ads on high traffic blog network.
We can help you make a splash on premier blogs like PerezHilton, Dailykos, Wonkette, Dlisted, and CuteOverload. Or blanket specific blog communities from liberals to parents with the broadest range of ad types– from tweetable video ads to IAB units to native advertising to skins.

20.RealTechNetwork :
RealTechNetwork offers advertisers the ability to target a wide range of demographics through its network of active publishers.


22.Adroll :
AdRoll is the most widely used retargeting platform in the world.

Media Buy Networks (non-self serve)

1.Doubleclick :
Media Buys with Google.
DoubleClick is the ad technology foundation to create, transact, and manage digital advertising for the world’s buyers, creators and sellers. :
Display/banners, media buys on AOL. AOL sites attract a wide range of dynamic and influential audiences. So when you pair your brandís message with our content, you get powerful results.
Itís that simple.

3.Microsoft Ad Network :
The Microsoft Media Network is Microsoftís premium display advertising network, enabling marketers to reach millions of users across the U.S. The network provides a brand safe environment built on quality inventory from some of the most trusted sites across the web, including Microsoft owned and operated sites such as MSN. By leveraging exclusively owned and partnered data sources such as Microsoft accounts, MSN, and Bing, our high-quality reach empowers you to better determine when, where, and how you connect with your audience.
Microsoft Advertising Exchange is a real-time bidded marketplace where you can reach audiences through high-quality, brand safe inventory more efficiently. With the Exchange, choice, scale, and efficiency drive ROI for you.

4.Tribal Fusion :
Media buy banner network

5.EngageBDR :

6.Rubicon Project :
Rubicon Project is a leading technology company automating the buying and selling of advertising.

7.FOX Networks :
Banners on FOX properties

8.Casale Media :
MediaNet is a premium ad network that connects world leading advertising brands with consumers through engaging digital experiences. A division of online media technology veteran, Casale Media, MediaNet is powered by Optimax, the first real-time ad serving and optimization platform. The company works directly with hand-picked media publishers to provide contextually rich, high quality brand safe environments for advertisers and agencies.

9.Right media (Yahoo) :
Self serve banner exchange.Increase return on ad spend with access to global audiences, premium inventory, advanced targeting and innovative ad formats.

10.CPXinteractive :
CPXi is a global digital media holding company with over a decade of experience connecting consumers with brands. CPXi provides multi-screen messaging, leveraging display, social, mobile and video advertising at scale, serving over six billion managed impressions daily.

The websites you visit work with online advertising companies, like ValueClick Media, to provide you with advertising that is relevant and useful as possible. Some of the online ads you are served may be based on the content of the webpage you’re visiting; others may be based on registration or other information you provide to us or our partners; and other ads may be customized based on predictions about your interests generated from your visits to other websites. The goal of AdChoices is to provide you with information about how online advertising works and the choices you have.

12.Interclick :
Interclick now on genomeplatform.
Your brand demands high standards, Genome strives to provide you with trustworthy and brand friendly environments. We believe strongly in empowering users by offering transparency into our data collection and use practices and providing tools to exercise user choice. This is evident through our partnerships with the Network Advertising Initiative and being a leader in developing privacy enhancing tools for consumers.

13.Burst Media :
We reach three out of every four online unique visitors in the United Statesóand that gives advertisers access to large pools of audiences on branded properties, owned and operated sites, and high quality blogs.

14.Matomy Media :
cpm banners on good inventory of sites
Increase leads and sales with the cost- efficiency of cost-per-action campaigns.

15.AdJuggler :
AdJuggler is a global leader in on-demand digital ad management technology and media services. AdJuggler enables publishers and networks to source and manage all media through one, integrated platform that maximizes yield, based on the value and preferences of each unique user. The company’s highly scalable SaaS platform serves as the backbone for more than 200 global customers, representing more than 5,000 domains, 135 million unique visitors, and billions of monthly impressions.

16.AdFunky :
World wide branding and direct response advertisers. Display/rich media, some high traffic inventory. :
Traffice is only as good as its quality. At premium Access, our mission is to equip advertisers with powerful, innovative solutions that improve their online campaings and maximize their revenues.

18.ReduxMedia :
The Redux premium network of quality web sites delivers over 12 billion impressions monthly to more than 59.5 million unique visitors in Canada and the US*. For more than 8 years now, Redux has focused on moving beyond ineffective mass commodity online display media to create the custom-targeted and brand-safe advertising that major brand advertisers need.

19.BannerConnect :
Media buys/banners, good european reach

20.Glam Media :
media buys, display, very good inventory for female demo

21.Vibrant Media :
Vibrant Media ( is the world’s leading provider of in-content contextual technology that gets brand content and advertising discovered across platforms. With over 6,600 premium publishers, reaching more than 300 million unique users per month (comScore, 2012), Vibrant gives top brand marketers the opportunity to deliver highly targeted advertisements and branded content within text and images.

22.Tremor Media :
Tremor Video is a leading provider of technology-driven video advertising solutions enabling brand advertisers to engage consumers across multiple internet-connected devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs.

23.Specific Media :
Banners/video display, media buys :
Undertone develops digital advertising solutions for brands. We offer a suite of video, high impact and display ad formats that enable advertisers to engage consumers across desktops, tablets and smartphones.
Display banners, media buys, large inventory
DMG – DSNR Media Group is a global digital advertising network. Dedicated to complete value chain optimization and maximization of ROI for advertisers and publishers alike, DMG is committed to the ongoing mastery of the latest digital platforms – and to providing continuously enhanced aggregation and optimization options. :
Collective haveve been the leader in understanding and delivering audiences. With the premium inventory that attracts them. The innovative technology that delivers them.And the insights that define them. We have always believed that the most effective advertising comes from the intersection of the right ad, targeted to the right person, in the right environment. Not as easy as it sounds.

27.Adconian :
AMG is a technology company which has built one of the largest global multi-screen, multi-channel audience platforms. Our Digital Distribution Platform (DDP) enables monetization for content owners, app developers and device manufacturers to reach their global audiences across multiple devices and screens. This is done by building proprietary data profiles and models on their consumers and then selling these profiles to the highest bidder in a real-time marketplace.

28.Pubmatic :
PubMatic is your gateway to the world’s most premium publishers. Our Advertiser Solutions team provides unparalleled service with dedicated points of contact, while our global services and support teams are available 24/7/365 to address buyer needs and requests from integration to implementation and beyond.
We make it easy for buyers to find the exact audiences and inventory they need with our One Platform approach. Buyers can easily integrate via API for access to our Unified Auction, Demand Partner User Interface and on-demand reporting suite.

29.Technorati Media :
Technorati Media use technology and real-time market insights to optimize digital advertising interactions across an expanding high-quality publisher network.

In-Text Advertising

1.Infolinks :
Reach truly engaged users with Infolinksí innovative suite of solutions. The Infolinks platform analyzes the content of every page in real-time, determining context and user intent. This creates an engaging atmosphere that will yield the results your campaign deserves.

2.50onRed :
self serve text inline contextual ads

3.InLinks :
Monthly fee inline contextual ads

4.Admanage :
Admanage will help advertisers find the most effective way to advertise online and create a successful internet marketing campaign to earn more revenue. We offer five high-impact ad units, perfect as AdSense alternatives, to work better for your online advertisements: In Text ads with thumbnail, basic In Text ads, CPC Banners, CPC Text Ad Banners, and sponsored listings. All of the advertising unit sizes adhere to the standard IAB Ad Unit guidelines.

5.Kontera :
inline contextual text ads. Not self-serve
Kontera serves more than 15,000 quality publishers every day with superior relevancy, and an exclusive ad inventory that cannot be beaten. More publishers choose Kontera than any other Content advertising solution.

6.AdMedia :
We envision a web that serves up informative, entertaining–and most of all–highly relevant ads without being obtrusive to the consumer. And we’re proud to say that AdMedia takes steps every day to bring us closer to that vision.

7.Snap LinkAds :
Text/inline type ads

8.Linkworth :
Our products consist of text link ads, paid blog reviews, in-text links, in-content pay per click ads, rotating text ads, hosted content pages, article submission, directory submission and many more.

Mobile Phone Ad Networks

1.Admob :
Mobile ads, now owned by google
Partner with AdMob to benefit from Google’s best-in-class technology and infrastructure to get your app business off the ground.

2.MobClix :
Partner with the only real-time bidding mobile ad exchange.
Mobclix was designed for the mobile market ñ built to adapt and scale quickly as mobile technology evolves.

Mobile ad network

4.Admoda :
Affiliate and Performance marketing companies rely on our mobile traffic. Why? It converts; itís cost effective; and we are the only mobile ad network to provide the tools/features that affiliate and performance marketers need to maximise their returns from mobile.

5.Millenial Media :
Millennial Media is the leading independent audience platform in digital advertising.

We are the industry leader in full-screen mobile advertising which captures 100% of your audienceís attention.

7.Inmobi :
Mobile ad network

8.BuzzCity :
BuzzCity is a global advertising network. Reach millions of consumers around the world on mobile phones and devices, and make use of our insights into key markets to drive your mobile internet strategy.
Reach an audience of millions, via our mobile internet ad network. Your graphic and text ads are displayed on thousands of mobile websites, driving traffic towards your site. Pay only for the clicks that you receive.

9.Adfonic :
At Adfonic, we believe in smarter buying. Smarter buying means access to over 300 billion global mobile ad impressions each month, through one single buying point.

10.Mobixell :
Mobile advertising


1.AdBuyer :
media buying search/display exchange. best place to start with retargeting. taps into Right Media and Doubleclick

2.Retargeter :
ReTargeter optimizes your ad spend with highly targeted, real time digital advertising solutions and the best account management in the industry.

3.FetchBack :
At eBay Enterprise Display & Retargeting (formerly Fetchback), our goal is to provide you with customized campaigns, world-class tools and unmatched expertise to help you every step of the way. Youíll have access to our award-winning creative team, high-touch account management and expert optimization to help grow your brand and ensure your success.

4.MyThings :
MyThings offer prospection and personalized retargeting solutions across display banners, mobile, video and Facebook. :

Category (Gaming)

1.Mochi Media :
Mochi Media’s unique platform brings game creators, website owners, and end users together, creating the largest online games network in the world. This gives Mochi Media the ability to reach a wide range of international audiences. We can handle large budget campaigns as well as self-serve campaigns (which start as low as $100).

2.CPMStar :
The largest performance Ad Network in the game space.

With more than 160 Million unique users worldwide, Intergi helps distribute your message to 3 out of every 4 gaming and entertainment fans through creating a custom brandy strategy, video and mobile ads.

4.Ad4Game :
Banners on gaming sites

5.Ad2Games :
Online advertising for games. Quality channels: gaming affiliates, social, mobile, search

6.Game Advertising Online :
GAO is the large scale performance-focused advertising solution for online games.

Social Apps

1.TappJoy :
Tapjoy is a mobile performance-based advertising platform that drives deep engagement and monetization opportunities for app publishers, while delivering valuable, engaged consumers to some of the world’s biggest brand advertisers.

2.Cubics :
Social media ads

3.Rock You Media :
We provide the highest value per engagement in social entertainment. From brand integrations to impactful advertising solutions, we deliver global value to social media.

International :

1.Reseau Select :
Banner and offline targetted at quebec

2.Canoe Klix :
With Canoe Klix,Boost traffic to your site.

3.Adconian :
AMG is a technology company which has built one of the largest global multi-screen, multi-channel audience platforms. Our Digital Distribution Platform (DDP) enables monetization for content owners, app developers and device manufacturers to reach their global audiences across multiple devices and screens.

4.Hi Media :
Hi-Media is a specialist in audience monetization on the Internet. bet our Group for over 10 years on the complementarity of advertising revenues and revenues from e-commerce fuel economic model of all websites.

Media buys on premium UK, Irish & Aus. sites + Ebay UK

6.Pamoja Media :
Pamoja Media is an African digital marketing agency that focuses on providing online marketing strategy for Africaís emerging brands.

7.SHE Network :
Adify powered, target Swedish women

8.Smowtion :
display banners, most South American inventory

9.Traffic Synergy AdRands :
It’s the quick and effective way to advertise online in South Africa. :
Premium network for online newspapers in Sweden. CPM, CPC and CPA/CPO. Does retargeting and has both banners and text ads.

11.Unanimis :
Unanimis offers unique online advertising opportunities and bespoke packages across the UKís largest exclusive brand portfolio.
Unanimis deliver multiple advertising solutions across display, video, mobile and social. With our highly responsive network and exclusive portfolio, including Orange portal and Orange Mobile Advertising properties, we can reach over 70%* into the UK online population and over 5.2 million mobile browsers.

12.Mirago :
UK/French/German contextual/search ads

13.HarrenMedia :
Harrenmedia allows advertisers to combine both branding and performance actions in order to maximize their online investment.

14.ExoClick :
ExoClick Media Buy Team secures guaranteed premium publishers that you won’t find on other ad networks.

15.Aim4Media :
Aim4Media is a well established internet advertising network with an international customer base.
Display media buys, European traffic.

16.Adverline :
Media buys, good quality French/Euro inventory

17.Specific Media :
With capabilities spanning customised video, engaging original content and decision-driving display, Specific Mediaô offers custom solutions, connecting all digital formats to execute a smarter and more efficient marketing plan.

18.Adtegrity :
Adtegrity has been developing customized cross-screen advertising solutions for brands, agencies, and performance marketers. Leveraging data from our proprietary suite of targeting and optimization tools,we increase levels of engagement and performance for our clientsí advertising campaigns.


1.Sitepoint Marketplace :
small direct banner buys

2.AdOptim :
We provide you a highly suite of Internet & Mobile marketing, creating dynamic synergy between advertisers and publishers resulting in mutual revenue enhancement.

3.YuMe :
YuMe Ads deliver highly-engaging, interactive video ad experiences across screens reaching audiences wherever they are watching video: at work, at home, and everywhere in between. Our innovative ad framework and technology, along with our in-house design studio, deliver unmatched creative flexibility to help advertisers achieve their branding objectives. Please navigate the tabs above to experience YuMe Ads.

4.BrightRoll :
The increasing consumption of digital video is driving the rapid growth of a complex digital advertising ecosystem. BrightRoll is at the forefront of technology innovations that enable marketers to plan, execute and optimize intelligent and effective digital video advertising.
BrightRoll is changing the face of programmatic buying by providing access to the largest independent digital video ad platform through a new, intuitive console. :
With AdClickMedia pay-per-click network, you can advertise on 40,286 quality publisher’s websites within minutes, using Photo text ads, Banner ads, Full page Interstitial ads, and Email PPC ads.

6.Ezanga :
AdPad, our newest platform, allows you to tap into and manage campaigns across all of our advertising products, using an advanced and intelligent interface. Receive data in real-time that is clear and legible, giving you greater insight into an ever changing industry allowing you to confidently make decisions that optimize your ROI. Our team works with thousands of marketers from small businesses to large corporations looking for phone calls, increased web traffic, competitive CPCs, user registrations, Comscore traffic, and fully managed partnerships.

7.AditAll :
AditAll is an easy and affordable way to create video ads online right from your desktop.

8.Elephant Traffic :
Mispelled domain traffic auction

9.Sponsored Tweets :
Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters. The site provides robust targeting and detailed analytics.

10.Izea :
Self serve sponsored tweets/blog posts : create and amplify branded social content at scale, reaching millions of potential customers across all social networks.